Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings

Make a seed mosaic around toilet paper tubes to create these earthy and charming napkin rings that are perfect for a Thanksgiving or garden table setting.
Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings craft


  • A variety of seeds, beans and spices
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • White glue or tacky glue
  • Craft knife
  • Poster paint or acrylic paint
  • Paint brush

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings Ask for an adult's help.1. Cut a toilet paper tube into three sections, with each section about 1.5 inches wide.
Step 2 Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings 2. Each paper tube section will be the base for your napkin ring. Paint each one with a background color.
Step 3 Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings 3. Prepare various seeds, grains, beans and spices.
Step 4 Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings 4. Apply a thick layer of white glue or tacky glue on a small area of the napkin ring base. Tacky glue is a thicker variety of white glue and bonds things quicker than white glue.
Step 5 Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings 5. Sprinkle seeds onto the glue.
Step 6 Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings 6. Work on a section at a time. If you're using white glue, you may need to let each section set before moving on to the next. Tacky glue will bond the seeds more readily.
Step 7a Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings 7. Continue until you have covered the entire surface of the napkin ring. Here are some notes and ideas for your mosaic design:

a.) Doing simple geometric designs like stripes or triangles are the most doable for younger kids because it allows them to just sprinkle on the seeds.
Step 7b Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings b.) An even more spontaneous option would be to have kids mix 2 or more types of seeds on a tray. After applying a thick layer of glue on the napkin ring, let them sprinkle, spoon on some seeds or roll the napkin ring onto the trayful of seeds.
Step 7c Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings c.) Try out a more intricate design by carefully lining up the seeds rather than sprinkling them onto the napkin ring.

The design on this napkin ring is a combination of both. The edges and the middle section were lined with seeds and the remaining areas were sprinkled over with grains.
Step 7d Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings d.) You don't always have to do a full mosaic. The background can be a charming and integral part of your design.
Step 8 Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings 8. Allow your finished napkin rings to dry completely.
Step 9 Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings 9. If you're concerned about the seeds coming off, you can seal in the seeds by covering the surface of the napkin ring with a thick layer of white glue. Squeeze on a glob of glue and spread it with a paint brush, covering even the spaces between the seeds.
Step 10 Seed Mosaic Napkin Rings 10. White glue and tacky glue will dry clear. These beautiful seed mosaic napkin rings are perfect for a Thanksgiving or garden table setting.

More Ideas

Seed Mosaic craft Seed mosaics are wonderful projects to make for Thanksgiving, Earth Day, or for nature-themed lessons.

For more seed mosaic projects, you can try making this Seed Mosaic picture craft.

Earth Friendly Tips

  • Keep the seeds that you didn't use. You can use them for another seed mosaic project or this cute Animal Bean Bag craft, feed them to the birds, or plant them in pots to discover a little more about plants.
  • If you want an all-organic seed mosaic project, skip the painting step (Step 2) and the glue coating (Step 9). Grow a mini garden out of your seed mosaic napkin rings instead of simply throwing them away. Soak the napkin rings in water to loosen the seeds and wash off the glue before planting the seeds in a pot or garden plot.