Seed Mosaic Pumpkin

Make these pumpkin-shaped seed mosaics to decorate your home or classroom for autumn or Halloween.
Seed Mosaic Pumpkin craft


  • Cardboard, posterboard, or heavy card stock
  • Yellow-colored seeds such as corn or popcorn seeds
  • Brown or black seeds such as coffee beans or kidney beans
  • Green-colored seeds such as mung beans
  • White glue
  • Scissors

Safety Tips

  • Seeds and beans can be choking hazards. Do not let young children play with them.


Step 1 Seed Mosaic Pumpkin 1. Draw an outline of a pumpkin on cardboard, posterboard, or heavy card stock. You can also print out either of these pumpkin templates on A4 or Letter size paper: If you chose to print out the templates, cut out the pumpkin then glue it onto cardboard or heavy cardstock.
Step 2 Seed Mosaic Pumpkin 2. Cut out the pumpkin.
Step 3 Seed Mosaic Pumpkin 3. Prepare some yellow, brown, and green-colored seeds. Possible seeds or beans that you can use are:
  • Yellow - corn or popcorn seeds
  • Brown or black - coffee beans, kidney beans, red beans, or soybean seeds
  • Green - mung beans
Step 4 Seed Mosaic Pumpkin 4. Make a face on the pumpkin by gluing on the brown seeds or beans.
Step 5 Seed Mosaic Pumpkin 5. Apply glue on the entire stem.
Step 6 Seed Mosaic Pumpkin 6. Sprinkle green seeds on the glue. Try not to leave any white space in between the seeds. You can use a popsicle stick or small spoon to gently move and arrange the seeds.
Step 7 Seed Mosaic Pumpkin 7. Allow the glue to set completely.
Step 8 Seed Mosaic Pumpkin 8. Once the seeds are fixed in place, apply glue on the rest of the pumpkin. You can use a small paint brush to spread the glue.
Step 9 Seed Mosaic Pumpkin 9. Sprinkle corn or yellow-colored seeds on the glue.
Step 10 Seed Mosaic Pumpkin 10. Continue sprinkling seeds until you've covered the entire pumpkin. Use a small popsicle stick to move and arrange the seeds on the pumpkin. Try to minimize the white space in between the seeds. Allow the glue to dry completely.
Step 11 Seed Mosaic Pumpkin 11. Once the glue dries, gently lift the pumpkin and let the excess seeds slide off. Glue seeds onto areas where the seeds have come off.

More Ideas

Seed Mosaic craft Seed mosaics are wonderful projects to make for Thanksgiving, Earth Day, or for nature-themed lessons.

For more seed mosaic projects, you can try making this Seed Mosaic picture craft.

Earth Friendly Tips

  • Keep the seeds that you didn't use. You can use them for another seed mosaic project or this cute Animal Bean Bag craft, feed them to the birds, or plant them in pots to discover a little more about plants.