Snowy Day Collage

Create a snowy winter scene using bits of paper assembled into a collage.
Snowy Day Collage craft


  • Construction paper
  • Any white water-based paint (tempera, poster paint, watercolor, etc.)
  • Marbles or round jingle bells
  • Shaking container (ice cream tub, Pringles canister,
    box with lid, or paper cup with lid)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Paint brush (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Marbles can be choking hazards. Ping pong balls can be used as a safer alternative for children below the age of three.


Step 1 Snowy Day Collage craft 1. We will do marble painting or jingle bell painting to create snowy patterns on paper. These two methods are basically the same except that round jingle bells are great to use during the Christmas season (for an extra holiday cheer!) and they provide a fun jingling sound that kids will surely enjoy.

First you will need to find a shaking container like an ice cream tub, a Pringles can, or any canister, box or paper cup with a lid.  Wash and wipe the container dry before proceeding.
Step 2 Snowy Day Collage craft 2. Choose different colors of construction paper to use for the paper collage. Cut the construction paper so that it can be rolled inside the shaking container.

When using a box as a shaking container, cut the paper to fit the bottom of the box. To view a photo, see Step 1 of our Marble Painting activity.
Step 3 Snowy Day Collage craft 3. Add some water to any water-based paint.  The paint should not be too runny nor should it be too thick. Mix well.
Step 4 Snowy Day Collage craft 4. Dip a marble or a round jingle bell into the white paint. Roll it around so that the entire surface is coated with paint.
Step 5 Snowy Day Collage craft 5. Drop the marble or round bell inside the shaking container. If your container is large, put in more marbles or bells dipped in white paint.
Step 6 Snowy Day Collage craft 6. Secure the lid in place and start shaking the container. The great thing about using round bells is that you can integrate this activity with music, letting the children sing or dance as they shake their containers (Christmas songs are great for a winter or Christmas theme). If you can secure the lids well enough, the children can even roll and play with the containers.
Step 7 Snowy Day Collage craft 7. After a minute or two of shaking, open the container and check on the paper. If you want to add more snowy streaks and patterns, repeat the dipping and shaking process (Steps 4 to 6). Once you're happy with the patterns on the paper, remove the marbles or bells and spread out the paper to dry.
Step 8 Snowy Day Collage craft 8. Repeat the process using different colors of construction paper.
Step 9 Snowy Day Collage craft 9. Cut a sheet of construction paper for the background. Before starting the collage, think of a snowy day scene that you'd like to do.
Step 10 Snowy Day Collage craft 10. Cut out the collage pieces from the marble-painted sheets.
Step 11 Snowy Day Collage craft 11. Glue the pieces onto the background paper to create a snowy day (or night) scene.
Step 12 Snowy Day Collage craft 12. If you want to add some falling snow in the background, you can lightly dip your paint brush's tips onto undiluted white paint and gently dab onto the paper collage.
Step 12b Snowy Day Collage craft To make bigger bits of falling snow, you can use a cotton bud (Q-tip), your finger tips, or the wrong end of a paint brush to apply round dabs of white paint.
Step 13a Snowy Day Collage craft 13. Your snowy day picture will look really great on a frame or you can make it into a Christmas greeting card. You can also make a snowy day picture that can fit inside this art window.
Step 13b Snowy Day Collage craft   Winter themes such as pine trees, a snow man or Christmas pictures are pretty popular but you can turn any picture into a snowy day scene…cars, children playing, houses, pets, a hibernating bear, you name it!

More Ideas

Snowy day collage using a toothbrush Step 1 Another way to come up with a snowy day picture is to first start out with a paper collage. You can create any scene you like. However, make sure to glue on white paper at the bottom of the paper to make a snowy foreground.

*You can check out these winter-themed printables that you can include in your paper collage: pine trees, tree trunks, trees, reindeer, Santa Claus, snowman, vehicles.
Snowy day collage using a toothbrush Step 2 Cover your entire work area with a mat or with newspapers. Mix some water with any white water-based paint. Dip a toothbrush onto the paint and shake off any excess paint on the toothbrush.
Snowy day collage using a toothbrush Step 3 Hold the toothbrush above the picture. Run your thumb across the bristles of the toothbrush to produce a fine spray of white paint onto the paper collage.
Snowy day collage using a toothbrush Continue flicking the toothbrush bristles until the entire picture is covered with a spray of snowy white paint.