Art Window

Craft a paper window that doubles as a frame for children's drawings and artworks - great for tackling themes on the weather or the changing seasons, and provides a venue for expressing feelings and creativity.
Art Window craft


  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Art tissue (optional)
  • String (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Art Window craft 1. Before making the window, look at the size of the sketch paper that you regularly use for drawings and artworks. Use this size to cut out the window's back panel from construction paper. The back panel should be larger than the drawing paper at least an inch on all 4 sides.
Step 2 Art Window craft 2. Cut out an identical size of construction paper for the window's front panel.
Step 3 Art Window craft Ask for an adult's help.3. To make the window panes, cut out 2 or 4 equal sections on the front panel.
Step 4 Art Window craft 4. Glue the front and back panels along the right, left, and bottom sides. The top side should remain open to provide a slot for putting in drawings and artworks.

*Try to apply glue as close to the edges as possible to ensure that there is enough room for drawings to be easily put inside the art window.
Step 5 Art Window craft 5. If you like, you may cut out 2 long strips of construction paper and glue them at the top and bottom sides of the front panel. You're all done unless of course you want to add some embellishments like stickers, glitter glue or small paper shapes. You may also draw or paint on some designs on the window frame. If you want to add curtains you may go on to do Steps 6 to 11. Otherwise try slipping in your drawings to create a nice window view (See Step 12).
Step 6 Art Window craft 6. Curtains add an element of surprise about what lies behind it. To start making paper curtains, cut out a pair of tissue paper pieces that roughly covers the entire area of the window.
Step 7 Art Window craft 7. Fold each piece of tissue paper accordion-style (back-and-forth folding) along its longer side.
Step 8 Art Window craft 8. Punch a hole about an inch from one end of each folded tissue paper.
Step 9 Art Window craft 9. Punch a hole on both corners of the window's top edge. Cut a string long enough to span the width of the window. Secure the string onto one of the holes on the window. String the pair of folded tissue paper through the string.
Step 10 Art Window craft 10. Insert the other end of the string onto the second hole. Pull the string taut and make a knot around the hole to secure the string in place.
Step 11 Art Window craft 11. Gently unfold and spread each tissue paper to transform it into a curtain. You may tape the middle of the string onto the window to prevent it from sagging from the weight of the paper curtains.
Step 12 Art Window craft 12. Try putting in an artwork through the window's top slot. Carefully slide the curtains towards the sides to provide a good view of the artwork.
Step 13 Art Window craft This window is a great way to showcase children's artworks. Change the view by making new drawings - a great concept that can capture themes like the changing weather and seasons, places around the world, habitats, or even imaginary places.

A window is a symbolic gateway to a world of possibilities and imagination. So have children create, explore and express themselves - let them surprise you with what lies behind those curtains!

More Ideas

Winter art window craft The window can also be redecorated for seasonal themes like Christmas, Thanksgiving or Valentine's day. So it's not just the view that can be creatively changed, but the window frame as well!
Art window with shutters Instead of a window that sits inside looking out, you can make one that is outside looking in. Curtains can be replaced by window shutters that can be opened and closed. Simply glue on a pair of construction paper pieces onto the sides of the window. This type of window is symbolic of a window looking inward - perhaps a way to express unspoken feelings, anxieties, or thoughts through art?

The window can also be given a more three-dimensional feel. For instance, you can make a flower box by cutting the bottom of a small box and gluing or stapling it onto the bottom of the window. Paint it with acrylic paint to blend it with the rest of the window. Plants or leaves can be made by tearing green-colored paper or art tissue. The flowers on this window are wooden flower beads with pipe cleaner stems. Other
materials that can be used as flowers include flower sequins and paper, craft foam, or fabric flowers. Though not shown in this picture, flower pots can be made out of bottle caps. Fill them with clay and place craft foam or sequin flowers on top of pipe cleaner stems. When adding these three-dimensional materials, use cardboard or heavy construction paper as the window's back panel to help support the added weight.