Circus Paper Dolls

Use our printable circus animals, clowns, and circus performers to make easy standing circus paper dolls.
Circus Paper Dolls craft


  • A4 or Letter size card stock
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Glitter glue (optional)
  • Paint brush (optional)


Step 1 Circus Paper Dolls 1. Choose your favorite circus characters from our collection of circus printables. Print them out on A4 or Letter size card stock:
Step 2 Circus Paper Dolls 2. Don't forget to print out the corresponding bases and stands for your chosen characters:
Step 3 Circus Paper Dolls 3. Color the circus characters.
Step 4 Circus Paper Dolls 4. To make your circus characters' costumes sparkle, you may apply glitter glue along portions of their clothes. Use a small paint brush to spread the glitter glue when decorating on larger areas of your paper doll.
Step 5 Circus Paper Dolls 5. Wait for the glitter glue to dry before cutting out your circus characters.
Step 6 Circus Paper Dolls 6. Cut out the bases and stands as well. Each base and stand has a pair of dotted lines near the edges. Make a slit along these dotted lines.
Step 7 Circus Paper Dolls 7. Each base has the character's name on it. Glue each character onto the designated base, positioning it as close to the bottom edge as possible and keeping clear of the slits that you made in Step 6.
Step 8 Circus Paper Dolls 8. Bend each stand in the middle and unfold to come up with a V-shaped piece.
Step 9 Circus Paper Dolls 9. Unless specifically labeled with the character's name, the stands can be used on any of the characters. Interlock the slits on the base with those of the stand.
Step 10 Circus Paper Dolls 10. The interlocked base and stand will allow the circus paper doll to stand.
Step 11a Circus Paper Dolls 11. Follow the steps above to make as many circus paper dolls as you like.
Step 11b Circus Paper Dolls Remember that you can make some circus animal paper dolls too!