Craft Stick Photo Frame

Make an easy picture frame out of craft sticks or popsicle sticks. Find lots of creative ideas and tips to spice up this classic craft.
Craft Stick Photo Frame  craft


  • Craft sticks or Popsicle sticks
  • Cardboard
  • White glue or hot glue gun
  • Poster paint
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Photo
  • Magnet or string (Optional)
  • Things to decorate your photo frame with: buttons, sequins, felt, craft foam, etc.

Safety Tips

  • Small craft materials such as beads and sequins are choking hazards. These are not suitable for children below the age of three.
  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1a Craft Stick Photo Frame 1. The basic craft stick photo frame would need a minimum of 4 craft sticks - one stick for each side of the frame.
Step 1b Craft Stick Photo Frame If you'd like to make the sides of the frame wider, put two craft sticks together on each side.
Step 1c Craft Stick Photo Frame Ask for an adult's help. You can also go beyond the square frame and add more craft sticks to come up with a unique design. You may cut some craft sticks if you need shorter pieces. Just make sure to ask for an adult's help when cutting the wooden craft sticks.
Step 2 Craft Stick Photo Frame 2. Once you have decided on your frame's final shape, paint each craft stick with the color scheme that you have in mind. You can use a single color for the entire frame or color each craft stick differently for a multi-colored frame.

*If it works better for you, you can do this painting step after you have glued all the craft sticks together.
Step 3 Craft Stick Photo Frame 3. When the paint has dried, glue the painted craft sticks together with white glue or with a hot glue gun.
Step 4 Craft Stick Photo Frame 4. Decorate your photo frame as you please. You may paint patterns or little designs on it, glue on some sequins, buttons, paper, fabric or felt cut-outs, or draw some designs with puffy paint or glitter glue. Allow the frame to dry completely.
Step 5 Craft Stick Photo Frame 5. To make a backing board, trace the outer outline of your frame onto cardboard.
Step 6 Craft Stick Photo Frame 6. Draw a slightly smaller square inside the outer outline. The idea is to make a backing board that is slightly smaller than your craft stick frame.
Step 7 Craft Stick Photo Frame 7. Cut out the board along the inner outline.
Step 8 Craft Stick Photo Frame 8. Glue this board at the back of your craft stick frame.
Step 9 Craft Stick Photo Frame 9. Cut out your photo to a size that fits well on your frame. Glue the photo at the center of your frame.
Step 10 Craft Stick Photo Frame Ask for an adult's help.10. Ways to use your awesome craft stick picture frame include:
  • Use your picture frame as is. Position it on a table with its back leaning against the wall.
  • As show on the photo, cut out a rectangular stand from thick cardboard or corrugated board. Bend it on one of its shorter edges to make a tab and glue this tab at the back of your picture frame.
  • Make a magnetic photo frame by attaching 1 or 2 small magnets at the back of the frame using a hot glue gun.
  • Hang your photo frame with a string. Cut out a length of string and glue one end each at the top corner of the frame.

More Ideas

Craft Stick Photo Frame with Buttons Younger kids can have fun decorating their picture frames with large and colorful materials such as buttons, pom-poms or felt/craft foam cut-outs.
Craft Stick Photo Frame with Seashells Use natural materials like dried flowers, twigs, seashells, or sand to create a charming picture frame.

You may leave your picture frame unpainted if you plan to cover the entire frame with decorative materials or if the wooden surface of the craft sticks is intended to be part of your design.
Craft Stick Photo Frame with Sunflower You don't always have to fill your entire frame with decorations. A minimalist approach can sometimes be as charming and effective.
Craft Stick Photo Frame for Father's Day A craft stick photo frame would be an awesome gift for dad on Father's day or for mom on Mother's day. Your mom or dad will love anything you make yourself but you can make the frame extra special by including things that they are passionate about such as a hobby or a special interest (e.g. sports, food/cooking, coin collecting, etc.). Things that your parent and you share or do together would surely make them happy too. And don't forget the most important thing - a photo of you and your parent at the center of your frame!
Craft Stick Photo Frame with Zebra Print Make a long photo frame that can hold multiple photos by connecting 2 or more craft sticks on each long side of the frame.
Dog House Craft Stick Photo Frame As mentioned in the above tutorial, you may go beyond the typical square frame. I have constructed this frame into a house - a doggy house that is! By painting and decorating it with felt cut-outs and pom-poms, my frame is perfect for a portrait of a beloved pooch.

How about yours? Use your imagination and have fun!