Jar Lid Magnet Photo Frame

Create these super-cute magnetic photo frames out of jar lids and self-hardening clay.
Jar Lid Magnet Photo Frame  craft


  • Jar lids (plastic or metal)
  • Air dry clay (e.g. Crayola Model Magic or Amaco cloud clay) or salt dough
  • Small or medium-sized magnets
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Glue gun
  • Photo
  • Small decorative materials (Optional)

Safety Tips

  • Small craft materials like beads and wiggles eyes are choking hazards. These are not suitable for children below the age of three.
  • Keep the glue gun out of young children's reach.
  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Jar Lid Magnet Photo Frame craft 1. Collect plastic or metal jar lids. Wash them and dry them off.
Step 2 Jar Lid Magnet Photo Frame craft 2. Roll a small chunk of white air dry clay or salt dough into a long sausage shape and wrap it around the edges of the jar lid.
Step 3 Jar Lid Magnet Photo Frame craft 3. Continue until you have covered the entire edge of the lid with clay. Pat the clay with your fingers to smoothen it out and even out the thickness of the clay around the lid.
Step 4a Jar Lid Magnet Photo Frame craft 4. Add details with more clay or dough. If the clay around the lid has started to set and you have difficulty fusing the new clay parts with the base clay, you may moisten the joint areas a little bit.
Step 4b Jar Lid Magnet Photo Frame craft   *You can also start out with colored self-hardening clay or salt dough (If you're interested to color your own self-hardening clay, you can see how it's done in our Valentine Clay Keepsake Box craft). With colored clay, you can immediately see the final look of your clay project and it allows you to embed small decorative objects like wiggle eyes or beads while the clay is still soft. Remember to pat the clay around the embedded objects to fix them in place.
Step 5 Jar Lid Magnet Photo Frame craft 5. Not a must, but you may add clay along the sides of the lid.
Step 6 Jar Lid Magnet Photo Frame craft 6. Allow the clay to set completely (will take 1 to 2 days). If your clay frame has somewhat thin parts like these pair of round ears, it's best to position the frame with the bottom side-up so that the thin parts don't sag or break.
Step 7 Jar Lid Magnet Photo Frame craft Ask for an adult's help.7. Once the clay has set, apply hot glue gun adhesive at the back of the jar lid. Put a magnet on top of the adhesive and press to fix it in place. Remember to use a larger magnet for a big jar lid. Test if your jar lid magnet frame can support itself. If it slides down your fridge door, then you will need a larger magnet or use a pair of small magnets instead of one.
Step 8 Jar Lid Magnet Photo Frame craft 8. If you started out with uncolored clay or dough, paint your clay magnet frame with your chosen colors of poster paint or acrylic paint.
Step 9 Jar Lid Magnet Photo Frame craft 9. Cut out your photo to fit snugly at the center of the magnet frame and glue it in place. The best way to get a perfect fit is to test the right size on paper. Once your paper circle fits well inside the frame, use it as a pattern to mark the right size on your photo.

More Ideas

Bunny and Frog Magnet Photo Frame craft Nestled inside a cuddly clay animal frame, a child's photo will definitely be too cute for words. A really terrific gift idea for mom on Mother's day or for dad on Father's day!
Bear Jar Lid Magnet Frames You and you are siblings can make jar lid magnet frames to display on your fridge or better yet make them for your parents on their special day (Birthday, Mother's day, or Father's Day).

Dragon Magnet Frame craft
Uh-oh look what the dragon swallowed! Take your imagination for a ride and create wacky characters. Just remember not to make your jar lid frame too heavy with too much detail.

*You may want to use lightweight air dry clay or air dough if you would like a detailed frame.
Sun Magnet Photo Frame craft You can also make classic shapes such as flowers, butterflies, hearts, or perhaps a sun photo frame. Make a bright yellow sun magnet frame for your mom on Mother's day or for grandpa or grandma on their special day. Use it to post your handmade greeting card or note (or perhaps a poem or the lines to "You are My Sunshine") on the fridge to surprise your mom or grandparents on their very special day.
Jar Lid Magnet Photo Frame craft for Father's Day Make the layer of clay thicker to be able to embed small objects all around the frame. This particular frame was decorated with metal washers - a perfect Father's day gift for a very cool dad!

*If any of the small objects come off after the clay has set, use glue to fix them back in place.
Clay Charms with Photo craft You can also do an all-clay version of this craft. The steps are similar to this Clay Charm with Photo craft, except that you don't need to add a link on top and of course you will need to embed a magnet at the back.
Nature Magnet Frames craft Another variation you can do is to use Styrofoam board or corrugated board instead of a jar lid as the base of the frame like we did in our Nature Magnet Frames craft. You can also find more related craft ideas there in addition to the ones we have presented here so that you can come up with your own awesome photo magnet frame. Enjoy!