Paper Circus Tent

Color, cut out and assemble our printable circus tent template into an easy three-dimensional paper circus tent. 
Paper Circus Tent craft


  • A4 or US Letter size card stock
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pipe cleaner

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Paper Circus Tent craft 1.

Print out the template.

Print out any of these circus tent templates on A4 or US Letter size card stock. Choose the black and white template if you want to color your own circus tent.
Step 2a Paper Circus Tent craft 2.

Color the template.

Circus tents commonly come in red and white or red and yellow striped patterns but you can always go with your own color combinations. Color the pieces on the first two pages. Leave out the tabs (the sections bordered by dashed lines) on all three template pieces.
Step 2b Paper Circus Tent craft The third page consists of one small triangle and two big circles. These are your tent's flag and floor, respectively. Color them with your preferred hues.
Step 3 Paper Circus Tent craft 3.

Cut out the template.

Cut out all six template pieces.
Step 4a Paper Circus Tent craft 4.

Assemble the tent's top.

Take the pizza-shaped template. Apply glue on the tab area.
Step 4b Paper Circus Tent craft Transform the template into a cone shape by gluing the tab behind the opposite wedge.
Step 4c Paper Circus Tent craft Fold down the flaps along the bottom edge.
Step 5a Paper Circus Tent craft 5.

Add a flag.

Cut a 3-inch long piece of pipe cleaner and make a small loop on one end. Apply white glue just above the loop.
Step 5b Paper Circus Tent craft Ask for an adult's help. Punch a small hole at the tip of the cone-shaped top. Insert the pipe cleaner through the hole from the inside of the cone. Pull it all the way through until the loop touches the paper. The glue above the loop should fix the pipe cleaner in place.
Step 5c Paper Circus Tent craft Glue the small triangle at the tip of the pipe cleaner to create a flag for your circus tent.
Step 6a Paper Circus Tent craft 6.

Assemble the tent's body.

The two long template pieces are the tent walls. Cut along the dashed lines at the bottom of each wall template to create fringes.
Step 6b Paper Circus Tent craft Fold the fringes towards the back to create a crease at the top of each fringe.
Step 6c Paper Circus Tent craft Glue the two wall templates together along one side tab.
Step 6d Paper Circus Tent craft Glue the other side tab behind the opposite end of the template to form a cylindrical-shaped tent body.
Step 7a Paper Circus Tent craft 7.

Add a base.

Place the tent body on a flat surface, with the fringes folded on the inside. You will notice that it's not a perfect cylindrical shape. To make it rounder, we need to a add a round base at the bottom.
Step 7b Paper Circus Tent craft Apply glue at the back of one of the circle templates. Place the circle inside the tent body. Press around the outside of the walls close to the base to cause the corners of the fringes to wrap around the circle. Press down on the entire circle to glue the fringes firmly in place.
Step 7c Paper Circus Tent craft Position the tent body upside-down. Glue the second circle onto the tent's base. This circle makes the base sturdier and also conceals the fringes.
Step 8 Paper Circus Tent craft 8.

Assemble the circus tent.

Finish up by putting the circus top and tent body together. You can glue the top permanently or use it as a removable lid.
Step 9a Paper Circus Tent craft 9.

Make some circus characters.

Create a super fun circus with some clowns and circus characters. Draw your own or print out these miniature circus characters. Color and cut out each character.
Step 9b Paper Circus Tent craft Cut out L-shaped tabs out of cardboard. Glue one at the back of each circus character to make it stand.
Step 10 Paper Circus Tent craft 10. Position your circus characters inside the tent. If you want to fix them in place, glue or tape their L-shaped bottom tabs onto the tent floor.

More Ideas

Red and white paper circus tent To have colored or patterned inside walls, print the template's second page onto colored card stock or onto the plain side of a patterned card stock.

Similarly, you can print out the third page of the template onto colored or patterned card stock to come up with a colored or patterned floor.
Circus Finger Puppets craft Easily transform your mini paper circus characters into fun Circus Finger Puppets by removing or trimming off each L-shaped tab and replacing it with a small paper loop at the back.