Christmas Tree Shapes Activity

Learn all about shapes while making this fun paper Christmas tree.
Christmas Tree Shapes Activity craft


  • A4 or Letter size paper or card stock
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or any water-based paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter glue


Step 1 Christmas Tree Shapes Activity 1. Print out any of these Christmas tree shapes sets on Letter or A4 size paper or card stock.
Step 2 Christmas Tree Shapes Activity 2. Color the shapes using crayons, colored pencils, or your favorite coloring material. You can also paint with any water-based paint like tempera, water color, or acrylic paint.

For a traditional Christmas tree, color the big triangle green, the rectangle brown, and the star yellow.
Step 3 Christmas Tree Shapes Activity 3. Cut out all the shapes.
Step 4 Christmas Tree Shapes Activity 4. Create a basic tree by gluing the rectangle behind the triangle, placing it at the center of the triangle's base.
Step 5 Christmas Tree Shapes Activity 5. Glue the star at the top of the tree for a classic topper. Glue the rest of the small shapes on the tree to create colorful Christmas tree baubles.
Step 6a Christmas Tree Shapes Activity 6. Add some sparkle with glitter glue. Create a tinsel garland with glitter glue lines—you can make straight, zigzag, or wavy lines that run horizontally or diagonally throughout your tree. You can also decorate the small shapes with glitter glue dots, lines, or fill the entire shape with glitter glue. Click the photo for a closer view.
Step 6b Christmas Tree Shapes Activity For a sparkly topper, apply gold glitter glue onto the entire star.
Christmas Tree Shapes Activity 7. Once the glitter glue dries, you can use your awesome paper Christmas tree as a cute Christmas decoration. You can also decorate a Christmas card or a holiday poster with it.

Check out variations and more crafting ideas below.

More Ideas

Christmas tree paper ornament

Make a Christmas ornament.

Instead of using paper shapes to decorate the tree, find small craft materials of various shapes such as buttons, beads, plastic gems, brads, foam shapes, stickers, etc. You can also punch out small shapes from paper or craft foam using craft punches. Glue some rick rack, strings, lace, or ribbon to accent your paper tree.

Tape a string at the back of your mini paper tree. Hang as a pretty Christmas tree ornament.
Clothespin paper Christmas tree craft

Create a clothespin Christmas tree.

Glue a wooden clothespin at the back of your mini paper tree. This will allow you to clip the tree onto any object.
Clothespin paper Christmas tree craft To make your mini Christmas tree stand on its own, clip the clothespin onto a small glass, plastic bottle cap, or any object that can support the weight of the paper tree.
Paper Christmas tree craft Place your standing mini tree on a shelf or anywhere you'd like to add some Christmas cheer.
Christmas tree garland craft

Create a garland.

A fun way to showcase the paper trees if you are making this as a class or group is to string the mini trees together into a garland. Make sure to choose the small Christmas tree template and print them out on heavy cardstock.
Clothespin paper Christmas tree craft To be able to string the paper trees together, glue a short piece of drinking straw at the back of each tree.

Another option is to clip on some clothespin Christmas trees on a length of string.