Gingerbread Man Paper Chain

Spruce up your room for Christmas with this easy-to-make paper gingerbread man chain.
Gingerbread man chain craft


  • Any brown-colored paper
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Paper clips or masking tape
  • Various coloring and decorative materials (markers,
    glitter glue, puffy paint, ribbon, lace, small buttons, beads, sequins, stickers, pompoms, etc.)

Safety Tips

  • Small materials like buttons and beads are choking hazards. These are not suitable for kids below the age of three.
  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Gingerbread Man Chain craft 1. This craft can be done by either using a gingerbread man template or drawing your own gingerbread man.  If you prefer to work with a template, print out this gingerbread man template on A4 or Letter size paper.

* If you'd rather draw your own, fold any brown-colored paper accordion-style (back-and-forth folding) as shown in Steps 4 and 5. Draw half a gingerbread man along the paper's folded edge then cut along the outlines as shown in Step 6.
Step 2a Gingerbread Man Chain craft 2. Cut out one gingerbread man template.
Step 3 Gingerbread Man Chain craft 3. Align the template along the left edge of any brown-colored paper. Tape or clip the top and bottom edges of the template onto the paper.
Step 4 Gingerbread Man Chain craft 4. Using the template's width as a guide, fold your paper accordion-style (back and forth folding). The template will divide an A4 or Letter size paper into 6 equal folded sections. A larger sheet of paper can be folded into 8 or more even number of sections.
Step 5 Gingerbread Man Chain craft 5. If there's an excess area of paper after your last fold, you may either trim it off or fold that small section of paper.
Step 6 Gingerbread Man Chain craft Ask for an adult's help.6. Cut the folded paper following the outlines of the gingerbread man template.

*Note that the thicker the paper you use and the more folds you make, the harder it will be to cut. Younger children may need adult help in cutting. Brown craft paper or paper grocery bags are excellent options for easy cutting.
Step 7 Gingerbread Man Chain craft 7. Carefully unfold the paper to reveal a chain of gingerbread people.
Step 8 Gingerbread Man Chain craft 8. Trim off any excess paper after the last gingerbread man. You may also round out the corners of the first and last gingerbread man.
Step 9a Gingerbread Man Chain craft 9. Decorate each gingerbread man with a variety of coloring and decorative materials such as markers, glitter glue, puffy paint, ribbon, lace, small buttons, beads, sequins, pompoms, stickers, small paper shapes, and other notions.

You can do a classic gingerbread design...
Step 9b Gingerbread Man Chain craft   Or be adventurous and come up with interesting gingerbread people!

You may glue the chain of gingerbread people onto background paper to create a picture or you can put up the paper chain up on the wall. To create a Christmas garland, connect several gingerbread man paper chains together.

More Ideas

Gingerbread man paper chain craft If you used construction paper or any type of paper that is thick enough, you can position the two outer gingerbread people at an angle so that the paper chain can actually stand on its own.