Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments

Print, cut, and decorate your own paper Christmas tree ornaments, including angels, bells, bows, candy canes, Christmas balls, Christmas trees, gingerbread men, poinsettias, reindeer, Santas, snowflakes, snowmen, stars, and stockings.
Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments craft


  • Heavy card stock
  • Crayons, colored pencils,
    or any water-based paint
  • Glitter glue
  • White glue
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Hole punch
  • Masking tape or scotch tape (optional)
  • Ribbons, stickers, sequins, rhinestones, buttons,
    fabric shapes, and other decorative materials

Safety Tips

  • Small materials like buttons, beads, and sequins are choking hazards. These are not suitable for kids below the age of three.


Step 1 Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments 1.

Print out the templates.

Print out these Christmas tree ornaments or any of these Christmas templates on A4 or Letter size heavy card stock:

Step 2 Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments 2.

Color or paint the templates.

Color the templates using crayons, colored pencils, or your favorite coloring material. You can also use any water-based paint such as tempera or acrylic paint.
Step 3a Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments 3.

Add some sparkle.

Make your paper ornaments sparkly using glitter glue. Fill the main shapes or accent certain areas like the crown (or top) with glitter glue.
Step 3b Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments You can also make glitter glue dots or lines in between the main shapes.
Step 3c Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments For an extra-sparkly paper ornament, fill all areas with glitter glue. Match the color of the glitter glue with the colored sections of the ornament. Use a small paint brush to spread the glitter glue on larger areas. Allow to dry completely.
Step 4 Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments 4.

Cut out the paper ornaments.

Once dry, cut out each paper ornament. The edges of some of the ornaments may be curled up, especially those that soaked up a lot of glitter glue. To remedy this, place the paper ornaments in between the pages of a heavy book.
Step 5 Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments 5.

Punch a hole at the top.

If you used the round or teardrop-shaped tree ornaments, punch a hole on the small circle located at the top of each ornament. Skip this step for the other Christmas templates (e.g. bells, candy canes, etc.).
Step 6a Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments 6.

Glue more decorations.

More decorations can be added. A bow at the top is a great accent for the round or teardrop-shaped paper ornament.
Step 6b Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments Small decorations like sequins, rhinestones, small buttons, or stickers can add more texture and sparkle. More decorating ideas are outlined in the section below.
Step 7a Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments 7.

Attach a string.

Cut a 5-inch length of string. Loop it around the hole at the top of each ornament. Tie the ends together into a knot.
Step 7b Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments For paper ornaments without a hole on top, simply tape the ends of the string together at the back.

Some ornaments like the bows and candy canes do not need any strings. They can simply be hooked or nestled onto the branches of a Christmas tree.
Step 8 Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments 8.

Hang the paper ornaments.

Finally, hang the paper ornaments on your Christmas tree or Christmas garland.

Another option is to do away with the string and glue the ornaments onto a flat paper Christmas tree.

More Ideas

Use metallic paint

Color the ornaments with metallic paint.

Create a metallic or frosted look by painting your paper ornaments with metallic paint. You can buy metallic tempera or acrylic paint or mix your own by adding any color of paint to silver tempera or acrylic. The more silver paint you add, the lighter the resulting metallic paint will be. Mix well.
Create metallic paper ornaments Create your own designs using the plain round and teardrop-shaped ornaments. Paint the ornament with one metallic color or create patterns with colorful stripes, wavy lines, zigzags, circles, or stars. Fingerpainting is a fun idea for creating these shapes and patterns. Add sparkle by applying glitter glue on the lines or inside the shapes. You can click the photo for a closer look.
Create metallic paper ornaments Accent your metallic paper ornaments with sparkly stickers, sequins, or rhinestones.
Print out the templates on colored card stock

Print the templates on colored card stock.

To save time coloring or painting lots of ornaments, print out the templates on colored card stock. You may still need to paint some sections like the crown at the top of each round or teardrop-shaped ornament.

Decorate the paper ornaments with the suggested materials above. You can also glue on other materials like paper or fabric lace, ribbons, yarn, gold or silver string, or washi tape.
Paper bow tree ornaments

Print the templates on patterned card stock.

If you prefer paper ornaments with a uniform look and with minimal crafting time, print out the sets below on patterned cardstock:

Recycle old Christmas cards into Christmas tree ornaments

Recycle old Christmas cards.

Print and cut out the round or teardrop-shaped Christmas tree ornaments. Trace around each template onto old Christmas cards to come up with lovely Christmas tree ornaments.
Paper Christmas bells

Create glittery bells.

Print out some bells on yellow cardstock. Apply gold glitter glue on the entire bell, spreading it evenly with a paint brush. Once dry, glue a bow at the top. Cut a length of ribbon, lace, rickrack, or decorative tape. Glue it about an inch from the bottom edge of the bell.
Paper candy canes

Have fun coloring candy canes.

Candy canes are fun to color or paint. Create several of these to hook onto the branches of your Christmas tree.
Paper poinsettias

Make easy paper poinsettias.

Print these poinsettias on red card stock and cut them out. Create a golden center on each flower with:
  • White glue and glitter - squeeze a glob of white glue onto each circle at the center of the poinsettia. Sprinkle lots of gold glitter over the glue.
  • Gold puffy paint - squeeze gold puffy paint onto each circle at the poinsettia's center. To make your own puffy paint, add a bit of gold tempera/acrylic paint to a bottle of white glue.
Paper poinsettias Once dry, tape a string at the back and hang the paper poinsettias on a Christmas tree or Christmas garland. You can also glue them around a Christmas wreath.

Check out more ways to make poinsettias:
Paper Christmas star ornament

Craft some Christmas stars.

Print and cut out some stars. You can also make your own by folding and cutting paper following the instructions for these folding paper stars.

Embellish them with glitter, sequins, rhinestones, or smaller stars. Hang several stars around a Christmas tree or place one at the top make it into a pretty tree topper.
Make a mini paper tree ornament

Decorate a mini paper tree.

Print the small or medium-sized Christmas trees on green card stock. Cut them out and decorate with colorful stickers, sequins, small buttons, beads, rhinestones, fabric or foam shapes, small bows, ribbons, lace, and other decorative materials.
Paper Santa Claus and reindeer tree ornaments

Include some cute Christmas characters.

Make some cute Christmas characters to decorate your tree. Print, color, and cut out these Santas and reindeer. Add texture by accenting with materials such as a small pompom for the reindeer's nose, a ribbon to tie around its neck, and cotton for Santa's beard.
Paper snowman and gingerbread man tree ornaments Print out these gingerbread people on brown card stock. Paint the eyes, mouth, and wavy lines on the hands and feet using a small paint brush or cotton bud. You can also use puffy paint to create raised lines. Glue on a small bow, beads, or small buttons on the gingerbread man's body.

These snowmen are fun to color. You can embellish them with glitter and materials like sequins, small buttons, or beads.
Paper angel tree ornaments Fill your tree with these adorable angels. Decorate the halo and the angel's gown with glitter glue. You can also glue some cotton on the wings.