Stained Glass Jars

Transform glass or plastic jars into beautiful stained glass decorative jars, candle holders, pencil holders, or flower vases.
Stained Glass Jars craft


  • Glass or plastic (PET) jars
  • Glass outliner or simulated liquid leading (homemade version: white glue, acrylic paint)
  • Transparent glass paint or glass stain (homemade version: clear liquid glue/white glue, food coloring, liquid dishwash soap)
  • Paint brush
  • Palette
  • Washable marker or whiteboard marker (optional)
  • Cotton swabs (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Young kids can work with plastic jars instead of glass jars.
  • Children working with glass jars require adult supervision.
  • If using your stained glass jar as a candle holder, only an adult should light the candle inside the jar.


Step 1 Stained Glass Jars 1. Clean your glass jars and let them dry thoroughly.
Step 2 Stained Glass Jars 2. Use any of these materials as the "lead" or raised outlines on your jar:

a.) Glass outliner or simulated liquid leading
Step 3 Stained Glass Jars b.) Make this homemade version: Mix two parts white glue with one part acrylic paint in a squeeze bottle (a small nozzle works best). Mix thoroughly by stirring with a stick or small spoon.
Step 3 Stained Glass Jars 3. If you'd rather have lines to follow when applying the outliner, use a washable marker or whiteboard marker to draw the outlines of your glass jar design.
Step 4 Stained Glass Jars 4. Apply the glass outliner on the jar following the marker outlines in the previous step.
Step 5 Stained Glass Jars 5. Continue making the outlines until you've achieved your desired design. Allow the outlines to dry completely.
Step 6 Stained Glass Jars 6. Use a cotton swab to remove the marker outlines.
Step 7 Stained Glass Jars 7. Transparent glass paint or glass stain paint is the ideal medium for creating the stained glass colors on your jar. You can also try making homemade glass paint but since this is water-based, the paint will not be permanent.
Step 8 Stained Glass Jars 8. Apply the glass paint inside the outlines. If you made the homemade recipe, you might notice that the paint recedes or "bubbles" may appear on some areas. Simply paint over the bubbles.
Step 9 Stained Glass Jars 9. Once done painting, set your jar aside to dry. Keep in mind that the homemade glass paint recipe is water-based, so try to keep moisture away from your finished work.

More Ideas

Stained glass jar with tea lightt Stained glass jars can be made into beautiful candle holders. Always let an adult handle and light the candle inside the glass jar.
 Stained glass vase with paper flowers Create a beautiful stained glass vase. Place real blooms or craft your own paper flowers. You can print out these flower sets or these flower shapes sets. Color and cut out the flowers then glue a pipe cleaner or drinking straw to make a stem for each flower.

You can also try making these lovely flower crafts:
Stained glass pencil holder Stained glass plastic jars would make wonderful pencil holders too.