Crayon Melt Easter Eggs

Draw on the eggshells of boiled eggs using crayons to create Easter eggs with a beautiful marbleized look.
Crayon Melt Easter Eggs craft


  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Crayons
  • Kitchen mitts or pot holders
  • Paper cup or bottle caps

Safety Tips

  • Always wear kitchen mitts when handling the hot hard boiled eggs.


Step 1 Crayon Melt Eggs 1. Take a hard boiled egg while it's still hot and pat the surface dry with a paper towel.
Step 2 Crayon Melt Eggs 2. While holding the egg with a kitchen mitt or a potholder, start drawing on the eggs with a crayon. The crayon will melt as it touches the hot surface. You will discover that it's hard to make distinct images when the egg is very hot. The crayon wax tends to flow and spread out into interesting abstract patterns.
Step 3 Crayon Melt Eggs 3. As you use more colors, the different colors of wax mix together into a beautiful marbleized effect. You might find it easier to turn the egg and continue drawing on it if you place it on top of an upside-down paper cup or jar lid.
Step 4 Crayon Melt Eggs 4. After you have covered the entire egg, allow the wax to set until the egg cools to room temperature.
Step 5 Crayon Melt Eggs 5. When the wax has set, you will have Easter eggs with lovely swirling patterns that make them look like little planets or semi-precious stones!

More Ideas

Drawing designs on egg with crayons It is possible to make images with melted crayons. You can draw the images when the egg has cooled down a bit but still warm enough to slightly melt the wax.

The yellow background for this egg was achieved by coloring the entire egg while it was still hot. The images were drawn when the background wax has started to harden/set.
Crayon Melt Easter Egg Allow the wax to set completely.

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