Creative Paper Eggs

Paint, decorate, and be creative with these paper eggs and turn them into amazing Easter decorations and craft projects.
Creative Paper Eggs craft


  • Printable paper or card stock
  • Any coloring or painting medium
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Small decorative objects (optional): sequins,
    small punched-out shapes, stickers
  • Glue (optional)


Step 1 Creative Paper Eggs 1. Choose from either the blank egg template or the ready-to-color template from these Printable Easter Egg templates.

Print out your choice onto A4 or Letter size paper.
Step 2 Creative Paper Eggs 2. If you chose the plain easter egg template, draw designs on the eggs.
Step 3 Creative Paper Eggs 3. Color or paint the eggs.
Step 3a Creative Paper Eggs   Here are some creative and fun ways to paint and decorate your paper Easter eggs:

a.) Use your finger tips or a cotton swab to paint dots, stripes, and other patterns;
Step 3b Creative Paper Eggs b.) Use a sponge or roller brush;
Step 3c Creative Paper Eggs c.) Paint with a rolled piece of crepe paper/colored tissue (you need to wet the tip);
Step 3d Creative Paper Eggs d.) Stick on small shapes, sequins, or stickers;

e.) Not in photo: Use craft stamps, potato stamps, puffy paint, or glitter glue.
Step 4 Creative Paper Eggs 4. Cut out the eggs.
Step 5 Creative Paper Eggs 5. Use the eggs to decorate your home or classroom for Easter. String them together, stick them on the wall, or put them in a paper basket.

More Ideas

Easter Egg Tree craft You can also use the eggs to decorate an Easter tree or use them for other Easter-related craft projects, games, and learning activities.

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