Decoupage Easter Eggs

Decoupage is the art of decorating a surface with paper cut-outs. Try using this technique to decorate eggs for Easter.
Decoupage Easter Eggs craft


  • Hard boiled eggs or blown-out eggs
  • Paper cut-outs
  • Decoupage medium (e.g. Mod Podge or Collage
    Pauge) or white glue mixture (3 parts white glue to
    1 part water)
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush or cotton swab
  • Damp cloth

Safety Tips


Method 1

Method 1 involves cutting out images from paper and gluing them around the egg. The images are then sealed in with one or more coats of decoupage medium.

Method 1 Step 1 Decoupage Easter Eggs 1. Prepare hard boiled eggs or blown-out eggs. Blown-out eggs take a bit more time to prepare but they last longer than hard boiled eggs. Pat the eggs dry to remove any moisture on the surface.
Method 1 Step 2a Decoupage Easter Eggs 2. Find and cut out pictures from magazines, gift wrap paper, or party napkins. Choose images that are small enough to be glued onto an egg. Also take note that paper that is too thick and glossy is harder to decoupage onto an egg.
Method 1 Step 2b Decoupage Easter Eggs You can also download and print out images from the web. However, note that colors from an inkjet-printed picture bleed out once you start decoupaging. Use a laser printer if you can, or have your inkjet-printed images laser-copied.
Method 1 Step 3 Decoupage Easter Eggs 3. Take one paper cut-out and apply diluted white glue (about 3 parts white glue to 1 part water) or decoupage medium (e.g. Mod Podge) as evenly as you can at the back. You may find it useful to spread the glue or decoupage medium with a paint brush or cotton swab.
Method 1 Step 4 Decoupage Easter Eggs 4. Glue the paper cut-out onto the egg. Smooth out the edges with your finger or with a paint brush. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess glue or decoupage medium at the edges.
Method 1 Step 5 Decoupage Easter Eggs 5. Continue gluing on the paper cut-outs until you've covered the entire egg. Let the glue dry completely.
Method 1 Step 6 Decoupage Easter Eggs 6. Once dry, coat the entire surface of the egg with white glue or decoupage medium and allow the glue to dry.
Method 1 Step 7a Decoupage Easter Eggs 7. Easter eggs decoupaged with small shapes are quite easy to make. Besides paper cut-outs, you can also use craft punches to make paper shapes. Small dried flowers and leaves are also great for making decoupaged Easter eggs.
Method 1 Step 7b Decoupage Easter Eggs Smoothing down the edges of a larger picture is a bit more challenging. Because of the egg's curved surface, creases are unavoidable. You can minimize creases by smoothing down the edges with a paint brush.
Method 1 Step 7c Decoupage Easter Eggs Create a colored background by decoupaging the entire egg with colored paper, following Method 2 below. Easter-themed images like this adorable bunny look really nice against a brightly-colored egg.

Method 2

Make Easter eggs that are entirely covered with patterned or textured paper. The steps for decorating eggs in this manner are quite similar to doing papier mache.

Method 2 Step 1 Decoupage Easter Eggs 1. For this method, any paper that soaks up glue quite well can be used. The best choice is thin and non-glossy paper, such as tissue paper, kraft paper, handmade paper, and non-glossy gift wrap. However, glossy paper such as gift wrap or magazine pages can be used as long as they are not too thick and are able to absorb the glue or decoupage medium. Cut the paper into short thin strips.
Method 2 Step 2 Decoupage Easter Eggs 2. Take 1 paper strip and dip it entirely into the decoupage medium. You can use store-bought decoupage medium such as Mod Podge or make a homemade version by mixing 3 parts white glue with 1 part water.
Method 2 Step 3 Decoupage Easter Eggs 3. Shake off any excess decoupage medium before placing the paper strip on the surface of the egg. Smooth out the edges with your finger.
Method 2 Step 4 Decoupage Easter Eggs 4. Continue adding paper strips following steps 2 to 3 until you have covered the entire egg.
Method 2 Step 5 Decoupage Easter Eggs 5. Allow the glue to dry completely.
Method 2 Step 6 Decoupage Easter Eggs 6. When the glue has dried, brush over the entire egg with decoupage medium or white glue mixture. You may do a second or third coating until the edges of the paper strips are smooth. Remember to let each coat dry before applying the next one.

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