Easter Egg Placemat

Set the table for Easter with your own Easter egg placemat creations.
Easter Egg Placemat craft


  • Construction paper
  • Colored paper/gift wrapping paper/old magazine pages
  • Clear contact paper or
    hot laminate film
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil

Safety Tips

  • Round out any sharp edges when cutting plastic film.
  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Easter Egg Placemat 1. Draw an egg shape on construction paper big enough to be used as a placemat.
Step 2 Easter Egg Placemat 2. Cut out the egg shape.
Step 3 Easter Egg Placemat 3. Create a design for your egg placemat. You can draw lines and shapes and color them in with crayons.
Step 4 Easter Egg Placemat 4. You can also cut out circles and other shapes from colored paper, gift wrap paper, or old magazine pages, and glue these onto your egg placemat.
Step 5 Easter Egg Placemat Ask for an adult's help.5. Ask an adult to help you sandwich your decorated egg between two sheets of contact paper (as seen from the photo) or laminate between the sheets of a hot laminate pouch (you will need a hot laminating machine for this).
Step 6 Easter Egg Placemat 6. Cut the excess film around the egg placemat.
Step 7 Easter Egg Placemat 7. Set the table for Easter with your Easter egg placemat.