Yarn or String Easter Eggs

Wrap balloon in yarn and dip in sugar water to create these colorful Easter eggs. Fill them with goodies if you like!
Yarn or String Easter Eggs craft


  • Cotton yarn or cotton crochet thread
  • Balloons
  • Scissors
  • White sugar
  • Sponge brush or old kitchen sponge
  • Mixing container

Safety Tips

  • Take extra care when handling hot water.
  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Yarn or String Easter Eggs craft 1.

Inflate the balloon.

Inflate a water balloon or an oval balloon to the desired size.
Step 2 Yarn or String Easter Eggs craft 2.

Choose the yarn.

Cotton yarn or cotton crochet thread works best since the material absorbs the paste well. The size of the yarn or thread really depends on your preference. If this is your first time to try, we suggest size 3 for crochet threads and medium weight (size 4) for yarns.
Step 3a Yarn or String Easter Eggs craft 3.

Wrap the balloon with yarn.

Start wrapping the yarn tightly round and round the balloon. This step is probably the most challenging since the string tends to slip around the balloon's curved surface. Some suggest doing several vertical loops, then shift to horizontal loops, before making crisscrossing ones. We went with random directions and it still worked.
Step 3b Yarn or String Easter Eggs craft You don't need to cut the yarn, just go on wrapping until you are satisfied with how your yarn egg looks. If you find it easier to work with shorter lengths, cut yarn into several pieces, around 24 to 36 inches long. You can go with a single color of yarn or use two or more colors.
Step 3c Yarn or String Easter Eggs craft Wrap the balloon with as much yarn as you like for a more covered or solid look or use less yarn for an egg with wider gaps.

When you're done, cut the yarn, tuck the end under other yarn loops.
Step 4 Yarn or String Easter Eggs craft Ask for an adult's help.4.

Make the sugar water.

Mix 2 cups regular white sugar with 1 cup hot water. Mix until the sugar is completely dissolved. Wait until the solution is safe to touch before doing the next step.
Step 5 Yarn or String Easter Eggs craft 5.

Soak the yarn in sugar water.

The idea is to soak all the yarn in sugar water. You can do this by dunking or rolling the yarn-wrapped balloon in a container filled with sugar water. Gently squeeze the balloon to remove the excess liquid. We prefer to use a sponge brush or an old kitchen sponge (cut into half or quarters) to soak the yarn by parts since it is less messy and it soaks the sugar water deep into the yarn.

*If the sugar starts to crystallize, reheat the solution, mix well to dissolve the sugar. Wait until cool enough before resuming with soaking the yarn in sugar water.
Step 6 Yarn or String Easter Eggs craft 6.

Let it dry.

Once thorougly soaked in sugar water, place the yarn egg on top of a cup or bowl to let excess sugar water drip into the cup. Turn occassionally for even drying. It takes about 2 to 3 days for the yarn to dry completely.

*If you live in a place where ants and bugs are a problem, place the cups in a tray of water to prevent the critters from getting to the sugar-soaked balloons. Just take care not to drop the balloons into the water.
Step 7 Yarn or String Easter Eggs craft 7.

Loosen the balloon.

When the yarn dries, you will notice that it is very hard. Loosen the balloon by pressing on it with your finger from large gaps in between the crisscrossing strands of yarn. You can also use a blunt object such as the eraser end of a pencil to press through smaller gaps.
Step 8a Yarn or String Easter Eggs craft Ask for an adult's help.8.

Pop and remove the balloon.

Pop the balloon with a pin.
Step 8b Yarn or String Easter Eggs craft Remove the bits of balloon inside the yarn egg. Use a pair of tweezers for scraps that are hard to reach.
Step 9 Yarn or String Easter Eggs craft 9.

Use the Easter eggs!

These colorful yarn Easter eggs will look great inside a basket or large bowl. Fill them with candy or Easter grass if you like.

You can also hang the eggs from the branches of an Easter tree.

More Ideas

Putting some candy inside the yarn Easter egg Though its a bit tricky, you can put some candy or chocolate inside the yarn eggs by putting them into the balloon before blowing air into it.

Another option is to find the largest gap in your finished yarn egg. Pry open the gap just wide enough for the goodies to get through. Place the sweets inside.
Sealing the yarn Easter egg Put the yarn strands back in place. Brush on enough sugar water to soak the yarn strands you just moved. The yarn will harden once dry.
Sealing the yarn Easter egg If you want yarn eggs that are not susceptible to bugs and that last longer, try using liquid starch instead of the sugar water. See more details at our Yarn or String Christmas Ornaments craft.