Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Washi tape is perfect for decorating paper eggs into gorgeous Easter eggs. String them together into a garland or stick them on walls as lovely Easter decorations.
Washi Tape Easter Eggs craft


  • A4 or Letter size card stock
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Ribbons, buttons, beads, stickers, foam shapes (optional)


Step 1 Washi Tape Easter Eggs craft 1.

Draw or print out some egg shapes.

Draw several egg shapes on card stock or construction paper. You can also print out any of these plain egg templates on A4 or Letter size card stock.
Step 2 Washi Tape Easter Eggs craft 2.

Cut out the egg shapes.

Cut out all the paper eggs.
Step 3 Washi Tape Easter Eggs craft 3.

Gather several washi tape rolls.

Washi tape, sometimes called washi masking tape, or decorative paper tape, comes in all colors and pattern designs. Gather a minimum of 4 rolls but you can always use more. Variety is definitely a lot more fun!
Step 4a Washi Tape Easter Eggs craft 4.

Decorate the eggs with washi tape.

Cut strips from your washi tape rolls. Stick them onto the paper eggs in horizontal, vertical or diagonal patterns. You can also place them randomly, overlapping the strips as you go. See the "More Ideas" section below for photos and detailed crafting ideas.
Step 4b Washi Tape Easter Eggs craft Make sure that each egg is completely covered with washi tape. It's okay for the washi tape to go over the edges of the paper eggs.
Step 5 Washi Tape Easter Eggs craft 5.

Trim the excess washi tape.

Trim the excess washi tape around the edges of each paper egg.
Step 6 Washi Tape Easter Eggs craft 6.

Attach a string.

This step is for when you want to hang your Easter eggs. Cut a piece of string. Tape the ends of the string at the back of the paper egg.
Step 7 Washi Tape Easter Eggs craft 7.

Use the Easter eggs.

Create more washi tape eggs and use them as pretty Easter décor. Stick them onto walls, bulletin boards and glass panels. You can also hang them on window sills, porch railings, or string them together into a garland or mobile.

More Ideas

Washi tape Easter egg with vertical pattern design

Apply the washi tape in various ways.

Instead of lining up the tape strips horizontally, as in the steps above, try placing them in a vertical pattern. Use many colors of washi tape or stick with two like I did.
Washi tape Easter egg with diagonal pattern design A diagonal pattern looks pretty on your Easter eggs. Add a cute topper like a bow out of string or ribbon.
Purple washi tape Easter egg Eggs decorated with only one washi tape color or pattern look gorgeous as well.
Washi tape collage Easter egg Cut washi tape into short strips and place them randomly on the paper egg for a beautiful collage-style Easter egg.
Blue washi tape Easter egg You can also place the short strips of tape in an ordered pattern.
Green washi tape Easter egg Try printing out the egg template on colored card stock. You won't actually need to cover the entire egg with washi tape. The colored background that shows through highlights the lovely patterns of your washi tape.
Washi tape Easter egg with paper lace

Add accents.

Glue accents to make your Easter eggs pop. Paper or fabric lace, rickrack or ribbons are great embellishments for plain washi tape pattern designs.
Washi tape Easter egg with buttons Buttons, beads, small bows, tiny pompoms, and stickers are fun items to add and they look quite charming too. Remember though that these materials are choking hazards for very young kids, so please use with adult supervision.
Washi tape Easter egg with flower foam shapes Layering your washi tape can also provide the accent or focus for your Easter egg. For this lovely paper egg, we first applied the yellow with blue butterflies washi tape on the entire egg. Next, two strips of blue washi tape were placed at the middle section of the egg. A third purple washi tape was placed on top of the blue layer. Foam shapes and a large bow were added as final accents.
Easter basket

Make an Easter basket.

Make a basket out of paper to place your washi tape Easter eggs in. Check out our Paper Basket craft for instructions.
Easter egg garland

Make an Easter garland.

Glue a short piece of drinking straw at the back of each paper egg. Once the glue dries, string the eggs together by passing a string through each drinking straw.
Easter egg garland String lots of washi tape eggs for a festive Easter garland.