Halloween Mobile

Have fun coloring these cute Halloween characters and string them together to make a stunning mobile.
Halloween Mobile craft


  • A4 or Letter size printable card stock
  • Glue
  • Thin string
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Beads (optional)
  • Contact paper or hot laminate film (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Halloween Mobile 1.

Create your Halloween characters.

This mobile will have a total of 9 Halloween characters (3 strands with 3 characters per strand). Draw the characters in mirror image pairs or print out any of our Halloween templates on Letter size or A4 card stock: Bats, Ghosts, Halloween Cats, Halloween Characters Set, Jack o' lanterns, Witches
Step 2 Halloween Mobile 2.

Color and cut out the pieces.

Color and cut out the Halloween characters.
Step 3 Halloween Mobile 3.

Glue the mirror image pairs together.

Glue each pair of mirror image characters back-to-back.
Step 4a Halloween Mobile Ask for an adult's help.4.

Laminate the paper characters.

As an optional step, you can laminate the paper characters in between 2 sheets of contact paper or hot laminate film. This will ensure that your mobile will last longer. Trim the excess plastic film around each laminated piece.
Stepa 4b Halloween Mobile *Another way to make a longer lasting mobile is to make the characters out of craft foam. You can use the Halloween templates as patterns for making the outlines of the characters on craft foam.
Step 5a Halloween Mobile 5.

Punch top and bottom holes.

Punch a pair of holes on the Halloween characters—one on top and one at the bottom. Make an exception for the the bottom character on each strand, which should only have a hole on top.
Step 5b Halloween Mobile Ask for an adult's help. If you prefer a smaller hole, use the tip of a pen or pencil to punch through paper or craft foam.
Step 6 Halloween Mobile 6.

Tie a string on the topmost characters.

Before stringing the characters together, first tie a string around the top hole on each strand's topmost character. This will allow you to connect each strand onto the mobile's top frame.
Step 7a Halloween Mobile 7.

Connect the characters on each strand.

Tie a string around the top character's bottom hole. Tie the other end of the string around the middle character's top hole. You can string some beads between the two characters. The beads add weight and also give your mobile an added charm.
Step 7b Halloween Mobile Similarly connect the middle and bottom characters with a string of equal length.
Step 7c Halloween Mobile   Check out how each strand looks. You can adjust the length of string between each character or add more beads.
Step 8 Halloween Mobile 8.

Create a top frame.

Create a top frame upon which to hang the strands of your mobile. It can be a branch, a hanger, a long wooden dowel, or a piece of cardboard cut into a certain shape. I went with cardboard and painted it with a Halloween theme.

For a cardoard frame, you will need to punch three evenly spaced holes at the bottom and one on top.
Step 9 Halloween Mobile 9.

Attach the strands onto the frame.

Complete your mobile by connecting the three strands onto the frame.

Cardboard frame - tie the top string of each strand onto the holes at the bottom edge of the frame. Tie a string around the top hole to hang your mobile. Balance the mobile by adjusting the length of the top string on the first and third strands.

Dowel/branch/hanger - fasten the top string of all three strands onto the frame. Loop a string at the midpoint of your frame to be able to hang your mobile. Balance the mobile by adjusting the position of the strands along the frame and/or adjusting the length of the top string of each strand.

More Ideas

Celestial Clay Mobile

Create a cross-shaped top.

Try making a mobile with a cross-shaped top. Details are outlined in our Celestial Clay Mobile craft.
Halloween Mobile Carousel Ask for an adult's help.

Make a whimsical top.

Create a whimsical top with wire. You will need special tools and an adult to help or supervise. For this carousel or round-type mobile, I bent 6 pieces of florist wire into an identical wavy shape. I then bunched them together on their uncurled end and arranged the wire pieces at evenly-spaced positions. I used another piece of wire to bind them together on the bunched end.
Halloween Suncatcher Mobile

Use other materials to make the Halloween characters.

Explore other materials to make your Halloween characters. These pumpkin sun catchers are so easy to make and they make wonderful bright orange reflections when they catch the sun! If you want to go three-dimensional, use self-hardening clay or salt dough to make Halloween shapes.