Valentine Clay Keepsake Box

Make a charming keepsake box for your loved one on Valentine's Day.
Valentine Clay Keepsake Box craft


  • Small paper box or plastic/tin tub
  • Self-hardening clay
  • Poster paint (optional)
  • Small decorative materials: gem-style stickers, sequins, buttons, rhinestones, beads, etc.

Safety Tips

  • Small craft materials such as beads and rhinestones are choking hazards. These are not suitable for children below the age of three.


Step 1 Valentine Clay Keepsake Box 1. Find an appropriate-sized box to use for this craft. You can buy a paper craft box or recycle any sturdy box that has a top and bottom.
Step 2 Valentine Clay Keepsake Box 2. Plastic or tin containers like chocolate boxes, lotion tubs, or any rigid container with a top and bottom can also be used.
Step 3 Valentine Clay Keepsake Box 3. Think about what color you'd like your keepsake box to be and prepare the corresponding color of self-hardening clay. Typically a Valentine-themed project will be red or pink, but you can always use other colors. If you intend to give it to a friend or loved one, you can make it using his/her favorite color.
Step 4 Valentine Clay Keepsake Box 4. If you find it difficult to find colored self-hardening clay, you can always color your own clay. Add in a little bit of poster paint to white self-hardening clay and knead until it is evenly colored.
Step 5 Valentine Clay Keepsake Box 5. Apply a small bit of clay onto a portion of the box and flatten the clay evenly. Do not spread it too thin though since we need to embed all sorts of small decorative objects onto the clay later.
Step 6 Valentine Clay Keepsake Box 6. Continue applying and spreading the clay until you've covered the top and bottom box pieces entirely. Remember to leave out the portion where the top and bottom pieces are supposed to overlap.
Step 7 Valentine Clay Keepsake Box 7. Decorate your keepsake box by sticking small objects onto the clay. Craft decorative materials like sequins, rhinestones, stickers, beads, and buttons will make your box look fabulous.
Step 8 Valentine Clay Keepsake Box 8. You can draw lines, dots, and tiny designs with glitter glue or puffy paint.
Step 9 Valentine Clay Keepsake Box 9. Once you're happy with your design, let the clay dry overnight. Give this box to your friend with a token, a Valentine's Day note, or some sweets inside it.

More Ideas

Pink Valentine Clay Keepsake Box You can also use more clay to add a three-dimensional effect on your box like the white clay along the edges of this heart-shaped box.
Blue Valentine Clay Keepsake Box To add a personal touch to your keepsake box, you can stick small objects that you and your friend find memorable like small shells or pebbles that you collected together, cut-outs of your favorite cartoon characters, a small photo together, or you can write your friend's name on the box.