Heart Card and Envelope

Make a heart-shaped greeting card that can be folded into a small envelope.
Heart Card and Envelope craft


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Colored pencils
  • Sticker or washi tape


Step 1a Heart Card and Envelope craft 1.

Make a paper heart.

You can make your own paper heart or print out our template:

A.) Fold-and-cut paper heart - Make a heart from any piece of paper. If you want a large heart greeting card, use A4, Letter size, or 9" x 12" paper. Fold the paper in half and draw half-a-heart along the folded edge. Cut along the outline.
Step 1b Heart Card and Envelope craft Unfold to reveal the paper heart.
Step 1c Heart Card and Envelope craft B.) Printable heart template - Print out this heart envelope template on A4 or Letter size card stock. If you are using patterned card stock or paper, make sure to print on the paper's plain side. Cut out the heart shape.
Step 1d Heart Card and Envelope craft Crease along all four lines. If you are using card stock or thick paper, score along the lines to make folding a lot easier.
Step 2a Heart Card and Envelope craft 2.

Write your greeting.

Write your message or greeting on the heart's plain side. Decorate it as much as you like but avoid gluing any thick or bulky craft materials that can make folding rather difficult, if not impossible.
Step 2b Heart Card and Envelope craft For the heart template, write on the paper's printed side (or the side with lines). When decorating, avoid gluing things on the template's lines.
Step 3 Heart Card and Envelope craft 3.

Make the first two folds.

Fold the paper heart's right and left sides towards the middle line. To illustrate the next folds, the corners are labeled with the letters A, B, C, D, and E.
Step 4a Heart Card and Envelope craft 4.

Make the third fold.

Fold down corners A and B to meet corners C and D.
Step 5 Heart Card and Envelope craft 5.

Make the fourth fold.

Lastly, fold up the bottom point E over corners AC and BD.
Step 6 Heart Card and Envelope craft 6.

Seal the envelope.

Flip the paper vertically to check out how your heart greeting card has been transformed into an envelope. Put a small token or note inside, if you like. Seal the envelope with a sticker or a strip of washi tape.
Step 7 Heart Card and Envelope craft 7.

Send out your greeting card.

Make more to send out to all your friends and loved ones for Valentine's day. You can also make this on Mother's day or for someone on her birthday or special day.