Heart Greeting Card

Make an easy heart greeting card for Valentine's day, Mother's day or a loved one's special day.
Heart Greeting Card craft


  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers or colored pencils
  • Things to decorate your greeting card with: crayons,
    oil pastels, sequins, stickers, ribbons, lace, small paper shapes, stamps, glitter glue, etc.


Step 1 Heart Greeting Card craft 1. There are two options to make this greeting card. The first is using our heart greeting card template. Print it out on A4 or Letter size cardstock. Cut the template along the solid lines and fold along the dashed lines. Go to Step 6 for decorating ideas.

The second option is to make the greeting card from scratch. Start out with any rectangular piece of cardstock or construction paper. Position it horizontally on a flat surface. Mark the middle of the paper with a light pencil mark.
Step 2 Heart Greeting Card craft 2. Fold the right edge towards the middle.
Step 3 Heart Greeting Card craft 3. Similarly fold the left edge towards the middle. Your greeting card now has a pair of front flaps that can be opened and closed.
Step 4a Heart Greeting Card craft 4. Draw a heart starting from the middle and extending on both flaps. To ensure that the front and back of your greeting card are connected, the corners of the heart should go over the edges of the paper.
Step 5 Heart Greeting Card craft 5. While keeping the paper folded, cut out the greeting card along the heart outline.
Step 6 Heart Greeting Card craft 6. Decorate the front of your greeting card by drawing, coloring, or painting designs on it. You can also use glitter glue or puffy paint to make dots, lines, and patterns.

Another option is to glue on a variety of materials such as sequins, ribbons, lace, paper shapes, small buttons, or any other decorative materials that you already have.
Step 7 Heart Greeting Card craft 7. Write a greeting inside the card. If the paper is too dark to write on, you can cut a smaller heart from any light-colored paper and write your greeting on it. Glue this at the center of your greeting card.
Step 8 Heart Greeting Card craft 8. With a sticker or a short piece of tape to seal the front, your greeting card is all set to be delivered!

More Ideas

Patterned heart greeting card craft Adding a ribbon can add charm and at the same time seal the front of your greeting card. Punch a hole close to the straight edge of each flap. Weave a ribbon through both holes and tie it into a bow to keep the greeting card closed.
Patterned heart greeting card craft If you use patterned paper or cardstock, you won't need to decorate the front of your card. This is a great idea if you need to make several greeting cards.
Tie Dye Heart Greeting Card You can decorate the front with a smaller heart to create a framed heart look. Aside from regular paper, you can cut out the heart out of felt, fabric, giftwrap paper, or textured paper. I used coffee filter paper colored with food coloring to create a cool tie-dyed effect. See details on this technique at our Coffee Filter Flowers craft.

Regardless of what material you choose, remember to cut the middle of the heart before gluing it onto the front of your greeting card.