Necktie Greeting Card

Show your dad how much you care about him by making this terrific necktie greeting card for him on Father's day. Printable necktie templates are included for your convenience.
Necktie Greeting Card craft


  • A4 or Letter size card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Crayons, paint, or your favorite coloring medium
  • Pencil
  • Ruler


Step 1 Necktie Greeting Card craft 1. Obtain an A4 or Letter size card stock. Orient the card stock in a horizontal position and mark its middle section by either creasing it lightly along the middle or by lightly drawing a line with a pencil.
Step 2 Necktie Greeting Card craft 2. Fold one side of the card stock towards the middle line to make a flap.
Step 3 Necktie Greeting Card craft 3. Fold the opposite side of the card stock towards the middle, this time overlapping it slightly over the first flap.
Step 4a Necktie Greeting Card craft 4. These two flaps will be your greeting card's front cover. Color or paint them using crayons, paint, or your favorite coloring medium (I used water color pencils on mine!). Place something underneath these flaps while you color or paint to keep the inner side of your greeting card clean.
Step 4b Necktie Greeting Card craft   You might also find it easy to color or paint your greeting card if you unfold the card stock.

*A special note on painting: To avoid getting curled edges on your greeting card, add just a minimal amount of water to paint. You can also press the card stock in between the pages of a heavy book once the paint has completely dried.
Step 5 Necktie Greeting Card craft 5. We have Printable Necktie Greeting Card Templates that you could choose from. There's a striped necktie, a star-spangled one, a necktie with smiley faces, and of course a plain one for those who want to make their own unique necktie design.
Step 6 Necktie Greeting Card craft 6. Color, paint and decorate the necktie as you please. The collar should be the same color as the shirt/greeting card. Don't forget to leave out the tabs (the rectangular section bordered by dotted lines) uncolored on both the necktie and collar.
Step 7 Necktie Greeting Card craft 7. Cut out the template pieces.
Step 8 Necktie Greeting Card craft 8. Crease the tab along its base on both the necktie and collar.
Step 9 Necktie Greeting Card craft 9. Position the necktie at the center of your greeting card. Glue the necktie's top tab at the back of the greeting card.
Step 10 Necktie Greeting Card craft 10. Similarly position the collar at the center of your greeting card. Its corners should more or less be touching the creased edges of your greeting card's flaps.
Step 11 Necktie Greeting Card craft 11. Glue the collar's top tab at the back of the greeting card.
Step 12 Necktie Greeting Card craft 12. Apply glue at the top corners of the necktie and press the collar onto the necktie to glue the two pieces together.
Step 13 Necktie Greeting Card craft 13. Lift up the joined collar and necktie and write your greeting directly onto the center area of your greeting card.

You can also write your greeting on a separate sheet of paper then glue it onto the center of your greeting card.
Step 14 Necktie Greeting Card craft 14. Close the front flaps of your greeting card and position the necktie on top.
Step 15 Necktie Greeting Card craft 15. If you like, draw buttons or glue on some real buttons to accent your greeting card.

More Ideas

Striped Necktie Greeting Card Try coloring your greeting card with patterns instead of solid colors. Match the colors and patterns with your dad's personality!
Floral Necktie Greeting Card Instead of using white card stock for the base of your greeting card, you may start off with colored card stock. You can also trace our necktie pattern onto gift wrap paper or any patterned paper to come up with a snazzy looking greeting card.