Birthday Hat

Make and decorate your own cone-shaped birthday party hat.
Birthday Hat craft


  • Printable cardstock
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Hole punch
  • Elastic string
  • Crayons, markers, stickers, glitter glue, etc.
  • Curly ribbons, crepe paper or pompoms

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Birthday Hat 1. There are two templates to choose from:
  • Birthday hat template - the resulting hat has a small opening at the tip for gluing on fun hat toppers such as curly ribbons or a large pompom
  • Cone template - plain cone for making birthday hats without toppers
Print out on A4 or Letter size cardstock. You can use plain cardstock or go for patterned ones like I did.

*If you'd rather do without a template, follow our instructions for making a basic cone hat.
Step 2 Birthday Hat 2. Cut out the template.
Step 3 Birthday Hat 3. To add fun toppers like curly ribbons or crepe paper strips, flip the template over so that the wrong side of the paper is facing up. Tape or glue on a few curly ribbons or thin strips of crepe paper at the top of the template.
Step 4a Birthday Hat 4. Flip the template over again. This time the right side of the paper should be facing up, with the toppers glued at the back. Decorate the template as you please. Remember to leave the tab bordered by a dashed line undecorated.

If you used patterned paper, you won't need to decorate the template at all or just add a few accents.
Step 5b Birthday Hat Having kids decorate their own birthday hats at a party is a fun idea. Provide them with mess-free materials like markers, crayons, stickers, or decorative masking tape. When gluing on stuff, using glue stick instead of liquid glue reduces the mess and the drying time.
Step 5 Birthday Hat 5. Before gluing the edges of the hat together, you will find it helpful especially if you are using heavy cardstock, to roll the template into a cone shape.
Step 6 Birthday Hat Ask for an adult's help.6. Unroll the hat. Apply glue or place double-sided tape onto the tab area. Bring the hat's opposite side towards the tab, aligning its edge with the tab's dashed line.
Step 7 Birthday Hat Ask for an adult's help.7. Punch a pair of opposite holes near the base of the hat. Tie the ends of an elastic string onto the holes to create a chin strap. Adjust the length of the chin strap for a comfortable fit, if necessary.
Step 8 Birthday Hat 8. Try on the hat. Now you're all set for a fun party!

More Ideas

Birthday hat with dots Finger painting dots, swirls and other patterns is a simple and fun way for little kids to decorate their birthday hats. Cutting crepe paper into strips and gluing them on as a hat topper is also a great option for young crafters.
Birthday hat with pompom topper A pompom makes a really cute hat topper. Heavier materials like pompoms, buttons or beads need to be attached using a strong glue such as tacky glue or hot glue gun. They're also better glued on after Step 6, when the hat has already been assembled into a cone shape.
Princess birthday hat Accenting the base makes party hats look extra special. You can use the same material for decorating the base and the hat topper like the fuzzy craft boa on this princess-themed party hat.
Angry bird birthday hat Character hats are awesome for themed birthday parties. Use materials such as wiggle eyes, craft foam, felt, paper, or buttons to make the character's facial features. Hat toppers also make the hat more interesting and whimsical. I used a bent pipe cleaner on this bird, but feathers, craft boa, or paper shreds would be great options as well.

There really are so many possibilites for creating your own party hats. Have fun crafting!