Button Bracelet

Develop fine motor skills and practice needleless sewing with this colorful button bracelet craft. Add bells for a wonderful wearable musical instrument.
Button Bracelet craft


  • Buttons
  • String
  • Craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Round bells (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Button Bracelet 1. Cut a ¾-inch wide strip of craft foam long enough to go around your wrist.
Step 2 Button Bracelet 2. Mark 4 equally-spaced points along the length of the craft foam strip.
Step 3 Button Bracelet 3. Add 2 more points- one beside the 2nd and the other beside the 3rd points. Now you have a total of 6 marked points.
Step 4 Button Bracelet Ask for an adult's help.4. Use the tip of a pencil to punch a hole through each marked point.
Step 5 Button Bracelet 5. Cut a piece of string about 4 inches longer than your craft foam strip. Make a knot on one end. For easier stringing, you can ask an adult to singe the other end of the string.
Step 6 Button Bracelet 6. Insert the string through the first hole along the craft foam strip. String the first button, weaving in through one hole and out through the other buttonhole.
Step 7 Button Bracelet 7. Continue stringing the buttons until you reach the first pair of middle holes along the craft foam strip. Sew through these pair of holes on the craft foam.
Step 8 Button Bracelet 8. Sew more buttons until you reach the next pair of middle holes. Again, sew through these pair of holes on the craft foam.
Step 9 Button Bracelet 9. Add more buttons until you reach the last hole along the craft foam. Insert the string through this hole and pull it all the way through.
Step 10 Button Bracelet 10. Make a looped knot at the back.
Step 11 Button Bracelet 11. Cut the excess length of string.
Step 12 Button Bracelet 12. You've just finished making your wonderful button bracelet.
Step 13 Button Bracelet 13. To wear the bracelet, put it around your wrist and close by hooking the loop around the nearest button on the opposite end of the bracelet.

More Ideas

Button and Bell Bracelet Make a jingling button bracelet by stringing round bells alternately with buttons. This would be a great wearable craft for a music-themed week or something that kids could wear for a performance.
Christmas Button Bracelet Create a Christmas-themed version of this bracelet by using green, red, and gold materials. Kids can have fun singing Christmas carols while shaking their pretty jingling bracelets.
Christmas Button and Bell Bracelet To take the Christmas spirit further, you can create a Christmas character to glue onto the middle button. This Santa face was cut from pink construction paper and decorated with wiggle eyes, a red pompom for the nose, cotton for the beard and hat trimmings, a small red triangular paper for the hat, and a moon-shaped sticker for the mouth.