Craft Foam Visor

Make a wearable craft foam visor using our visor template and have fun decorating it with a variety of materials.
Craft Foam Visor craft


  • Craft foam
  • A4 or Letter size printable paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • White glue or tacky glue
  • Elastic band
  • Hole punch
  • Paint brush or cotton swab (optional)
  • Acrylic paint (optional)
  • Black permanent marker (optional)
  • Things to decorate your visor with: stickers, craft foam shapes, wiggle eyes, felt cut-outs, glitter, pompoms, fabric, etc.

Safety Tips

  • Small craft materials such as beads and wiggle eyes are choking hazards. These are not suitable for children below the age of three.
  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Craft Foam Visor craft 1. Print out this visor template on A4 or Letter size paper.
Step 2 Craft Foam Visor craft 2. Cut out the template and trace around it on craft foam.
Step 3 Craft Foam Visor craft 3. Mark the holes on the craft foam as well.
Step 4 Craft Foam Visor craft 4. Cut out the craft foam visor.
Step 5 Craft Foam Visor craft Ask for an adult's help.5. Punch the pair of holes on either side of your craft foam visor.
Step 6 Craft Foam Visor craft 6. Gather materials that you could decorate your visor with. You can go with ready-made decorations such as stickers or pre-cut foam shapes. And of course you can also cut out your own shapes from craft foam, felt or fabric.
Step 7a Craft Foam Visor craft 7. Add details to these shapes by any or a combination of the following:

a.) Paint on the shapes with undiluted acrylic paint. Cotton swabs are great for painting dots and lines.
Step 7b Craft Foam Visor craft b.) Draw lines and details using permanent markers, glitter glue or puffy paint.
Step 7c Craft Foam Visor craft c.) Glue smaller shapes out of craft foam, felt or fabric.
Step 8 Craft Foam Visor craft 8. As an added option, you can paint on background details on your visor.
Step 9 Craft Foam Visor craft 9. Once everything has thoroughly dried, you can finally glue the decorations onto your visor.
Step 10a Craft Foam Visor craft Ask for an adult's help.10. Cut a piece of elastic band to a length of about 10 to 12 inches. Insert the ends of the elastic band through the opposite holes on the visor, knotting each end from the inner side of the visor. Try on the visor and adjust the length of the elastic if necessary.
Step 10b Craft Foam Visor craft Ask for an adult's help. Instead of knotting the ends of the elastic band, you can sew them around the holes for an extra-sturdy visor.
Step 11 Craft Foam Visor craft 11. Your visor would be a fantastic way to shade yourself from the summer sun. Enjoy!

More Ideas

Buttefly Craft Foam Visor craft Create spring-themed visors that kids can wear while helping out in the garden or taking spring walks with the whole family.

When decorating your visor with large cut-outs, use craft foam, felt or fabric that are thin enough to conform to your visor's curved shape. Material that is too thick will stiffen and deform the visor.
Patriotic Craft Foam Visor craft You can make craft foam visors when attending games, parades or field trips. Use your country's flag colors for national celebrations, your school or city colors when cheering for your favorite team (you can even write the team name on your visor), or write your school's name when going on a field trip.
Elmo Craft Foam Visor craft Cut-outs too tedious? This easy character visor was decorated by gluing pompoms for the eyes and nose while the mouth was drawn using a black permanent marker. A terrific idea for making fun hats for a themed birthday party!
Bunny Visor craft Add a pair of paper ears to make a bunny visor for Easter. See details on how to make this craft at our Bunny Visor craft page.