Easy Paper Hats

Print, cut out and decorate our top and bottom hat templates to come up with exciting wearable hats.
Easy Paper Hat craft


  • Heavy card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • White glue
  • Crayons or markers
  • Things to decorate your hat with: ribbons, feathers, beads, buttons, sequins, string, glitter glue, etc.

Safety Tips

  • Small craft materials such as buttons and sequins are choking hazards. These are not suitable for children below the age of three.


Step 1 Easy Paper Hat craft 1. Choose one top and one bottom template from our collection of printable hat templates. Print out your chosen templates on A4 or Letter size heavy card stock.
Step 2 Easy Paper Hat craft 2. Cut out the top template, including the two long bands.
Step 3 Easy Paper Hat craft 3. Glue one band at the bottom left tab and the other band at the bottom right tab.
Step 4 Easy Paper Hat craft 4. Cut out the bottom template. This will be the hat's brim.


Step 5 Easy Paper Hat craft 5. Cut a slit following the dotted straight line on the brim. An easy way to do this without using a craft knife is to fold the template in half and cut along the line.
Step 6 Easy Paper Hat craft 6. Before gluing the top and bottom templates together, it's best to see if the two pieces fit well. Insert the upper portion of the top template through the slit on the brim.  Ease the brim further down until the slit touches the top edge of the bands. If the templates do not fit well, slightly widen the slit.


Step 7 Easy Paper Hat craft 7. Separate the two template pieces. On the top template, apply glue inside the rectangular area bordered by dashed lines.


Step 8 Easy Paper Hat craft 8. On the brim, apply glue along the area above the slit.


Step 9 Easy Paper Hat craft 9. Put the two template pieces together as you did in Step 6. Press on the areas with glue.


Step 10 Easy Paper Hat craft 10. Draw and color your hat with as many colors and patterns or designs as you like.


Step 11 Easy Paper Hat craft 11. You can also glue on all sorts of decorations such as feathers, beads, buttons, paper flowers, rhinestones, ribbons and anything that will make your hat interesting.  You can go simple like I did with the button accents on this hat or go crazy with the trimmings.  When adding heavier materials, make sure that your hat is sturdy enough (use heavy card stock or glue the templates onto cardboard before cutting them out in Steps 2 and 3).


Step 12 Easy Paper Hat craft 12. Glue the ends of the bands together to fit around your head.

Finally, wear your awesome paper hat!

More Ideas

Silly paper hat

Mix-and-Match Hats

This hat craft is perfect for a "Crazy Hats" class or party theme. Print out the top and bottom hat templates in different colors and have kids choose the look and color of their hats. Provide them with ample materials to come up with silly, crazy and fun hats.
Spring or Easter paper hat

Spring and Easter Hats

Make spring and Easter hats by decorating your hats with flower cut-outs, foam flowers or stickers.  You can also print out this flower lei template or these flower sets to color, cut out and decorate your hat with. Other printable shapes that you can use: bows, hearts, stars.

Floral paper hat Another way to make a spring-inspired hat is to print flower shapes on the hat using a flower stamp. If you don't have a flower stamp, you can make your own following our potato stamps or craft foam stamps craft.
Textured paper hat

Textured Hats

Make textured hats by tracing the templates onto textured paper or card stock. You can also make plain paper appear textured by making texture rubbings.

Print the hat template on plain paper and place the paper over a textured surface (e.g. sand paper, woven placemat). Rub over the paper with crayon held at a slanted position. To make the hat sturdier, you can glue the paper onto card stock before cutting out the template pieces.
Texture rubbings
Witch and wizard paper hat

Costume Hats

The hat templates can be combined to come up with fun costume and character hats that are so easy to make.

Witch and Wizard hat - combine top template 6 and bottom template 2 to make a pointy witch or wizard hat.

*For a three-dimensional version, check out our Witch Hat and Wizard Hat craft.
Cowboy or sheriff paper hat Cowboy and Sheriff's hat - print out top template 2 and bottom template 4. You can add a big silver star for a sheriff's hat.
Sombrero paper hat Sombrero - use top template 3 and bottom template 3 for a colorful and festive sombrero.

*For a three-dimensional version, see our Sombrero craft or Papier Mache Hat craft.
Top hat and pilgrim's hat craft Magician's hat or Top hat - put together top template 4 and bottom template 1 to make a top hat. 

Pilgrim's hat - pair up top template 3 and bottom template 2. Perfect for Thanksgiving! Check out our Paper Pilgrim Hat craft for more details.
St.Patrick's Day hat and Cat-in-the-Hat paper hat Tall top hats - print out top template 5 and bottom template 1 or 2.  Make red horizontal stripes all over to make a fun "Cat in the Hat” hat.

Create a green version for a leprechaun or St. Patrick's Day hat.