Fancy Twist Ties

Decorate twist ties or pipe cleaners to turn them into fun fashion accesories for your flip-flops, hair ties, headbands, bracelets, bags, hats, or even your pencils!
Fancy Twist Ties craft


  • Twist ties or pipe cleaners
  • Buttons
  • Craft foam
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Decorative materials: glitter glue, wiggle eyes, beads, clay, rhinestones, etc.

Safety Tips

  • Small craft materials such as beads and wiggle eyes are choking hazards. These are not suitable for children below the age of three.
  • A hot glue gun should be used under adult supervision.


Step 1 Fancy Twist Ties 1.

Prepare some twist ties or pipe cleaners.

You will need some twist ties or pipe cleaners. If using pipe cleaners, cut them in half.
Step 2a Fancy Twist Ties 2.

Create a base.

To make the base, you can either use buttons or bits of craft foam.

a.) Buttons - small to medium-sized buttons (e.g. ¼" or ½" buttons)
Step 2b Fancy Twist Ties b.) Craft foam - cut into small shapes or use pre-cut craft foam shapes from the store. Punch out a pair of holes at the center of each shape.
Step 3 Fancy Twist Ties 3.

Attach the ties to the base.

Bend the pipe cleaner or twist tie in the middle. Insert the ends through the holes on the button or craft foam shape.
Step 4 Fancy Twist Ties 4.

Come up with a design.

Think of a neat design that would look nice on your flip-flops, bracelet, or on whatever wearable article you intend to accessorize. Draw the basic shape on construction paper or card stock. Cut it out and trace around the shape on craft foam or felt.
Step 5 Fancy Twist Ties 5.

Cut out the shape.

Cut out the craft foam or felt shape.
Step 6 Fancy Twist Ties 6.

Decorate the shape.

Decorate the shape by drawing lines or patterns using glitter glue, markers, or puffy paint. Add texture by gluing materials such as bits of fabric, small buttons, wiggle eyes, beads, sequins, rhinestones, etc.
Step 7 Fancy Twist Ties 7.

Attach the shape to the base.

Glue the shape onto the button or craft foam base. White glue works well but for a stronger bond, you can use a hot glue gun. Let the glue to dry completely.
Step 8a Fancy Twist Ties 8.

Wear it!

To use your fancy twist ties, simply fasten the pipe cleaner or twist ties onto anything you want to accessorize. Fasten them onto flip flops, bags, headbands, hair ties, or hats. They also make cute curtain ties, napkin ties, goodie bag ties, or pencil toppers.
Patrick Starfish pencil topper Craft as many of these as you like. Make them in your favorite characters or try more of our craft ideas below.

More Ideas

Fancy twist ties with colored aquarium rocks

Decorate the button or craft foam base.

You can decorate directly on the button or craft foam base if your design will eventually conceal the tiny loop of pipe cleaner or twist tie at the center (see Step 3). Here are some decorating ideas:

a.) Cover the entire surface of the button or craft foam with colorful beads or tiny pompoms. I used some colored aquarium rocks on this large button.
Funky bracelet decorated with colored aquarium rccks Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner or twist tie around a plain bangle for a funky jewelry piece.
Square fancy twist ties craft b.) The color of your craft foam or button can provide a nice background for the little accents you glue on to it.
Square fancy twist ties craft Rhinestones, plastic gems, and sequins can turn a plain wearable piece into a fabulous one.
Heart-shaped fancy twist ties craft c.) Turn your fancy twist ties into rings. Simply twist the ends of the pipe cleaner or twist ties to fit around your finger.
Heart-shaped fancy twist ties craft Make a bracelet by fastening the pipe cleaners or twist ties onto the middle of a length of ribbon.
Headband with DIY flower accent d.) You can glue larger materials (e.g. big beads orr fabric shapes) so that they completely conceal the button or craft foam base underneath. Use a hot glue gun for heavier materials.

Your creations will look good fastened onto headbands, hair ties, hats, or fascinators.
Fancy twist ties craft

Be creative with clay.

Fill the button with self-hardening clay and decorate further with bits of clay or embed little objects into it. Detailed instructions can be found in our Easy Button Rings craft.
Felt flower bag charm

Layer a variety of materials.

Layer felt, fabric, and buttons for lots of texture. For this piece, the pipe cleaner ends were inserted through two buttons—the smaller button first before the bigger one. A flower shape was then cut from felt and a pair of holes was punched at the center of it. The pipe cleaner ends were then inserted through the holes until the felt flower was tucked under the button. The pipe cleaner ends were then twisted underneath to fix the flower in place.
Felt flower bag charm Large pieces make pretty bag charms, napkin ties, or curtain ties.