Paper Crown

Make paper crowns using our awesome collection of crown templates and crafting ideas. Use them for birthday parties, classroom activities, or anytime you need a crown in a jiffy.
Paper Crown craft


  • A4 or US Letter size card stock
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Plastic gems, rhinestones, glitter glue, stickers, foam or paper shapes, buttons, small pompoms, lace, ribbons, and other accents


Step 1a Paper Crown 1.

Choose the crown template.

Choose from any of the crown templates below. Templates A to C have a main crown piece in front and two straight bands that meet at the back.
Step 1b Paper Crown Meanwhile, Templates D and E have repeating patterns that go all around the crown.
Step 2a Paper Crown 2.

Print out the template.

Print out your chosen crown template on gold, silver, or any colored A4 or Letter size card stock. If you want to color or paint your crown, go with white card stock.
Step 2b Paper Crown *For the zigzag crown template, two copies need to be printed out to make one crown.
Step 3a Paper Crown 3.

Cut out the template pieces.

Cut out all template pieces.
Step 3b Paper Crown For the zigzag crown, cut out each rectangle then cut along the zigzag line to come up with 4 crown sections. Set one crown section aside since we only need 3 to make a crown.
Step 4a Paper Crown 4.

Glue the pieces together.

Crowns A to C - for the Prince and Princess Crowns, Frozen Princess Crown, and Superhero Tiara, glue one straight band behind the crown's left edge and the other band behind the right edge.
Step 4b Paper Crown Zigzag Crown - connect all three crown sections by gluing the half-triangle edge of one crown section to a full-triangle edge of another crown section.
Step 4c Paper Crown King and Queen's Crown - connect all three crown sections by gluing along the marked side tabs.
Step 5 Paper Crown 5.

Decorate the crown.

Decorate the crown with a variety of materials like plastic gems, rhinestones sequins, buttons, beads, foam or fabric shapes, paper cut-outs, stickers, washi tape, lace, ribbons, rickrack, glitter glue, and other accents.
Step 6 Paper Crown 6.

Glue the ends together.

Measure the crown around your head. Trim the ends to achieve the right length before gluing the ends of the bands together. Once the glue sets, try on your paper crown.

More Ideas

Green paper crown Here are some more ideas for decorating your paper crown:

  • Cut out various shapes from colorful paper scraps and glue them around your crown for a truly inexpensive yet charming paper crown.
Gold paper crown
  • Create a bejeweled crown by gluing plastic gems, rhinestones, sequins, or shapes cut out from glitter paper. You can also use glitter glue or metallic puffy paint to make dots, lines and patterns on your crown. See more ideas at our Bejeweled Crown craft.
Blue paper crown
  • Print out the templates onto the plain side of patterned card stock to come up with some very eye-catching paper crowns. Use them as cute party hats. You can even have kids decorate the crowns themselves as a fun party activity.
Pink paper crown
  • Our king and queen crown templates look super elegant especially when printed out on patterned or metallic card stock. Embellish with plastic gems and rhinestones for a very royal-looking crown!