Paper Plate Crown

Create a fun crown by painting and decorating a paper plate into a princess crown, a Valentine's day crown, a St. Patrick's day crown, or into your own unique crown.
Paper Plate Crown craft


  • Paper plate
  • Any water-based paint (e.g. poster paint, tempera, acrylic paint)
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Things to decorate your crown with: buttons, stickers, sequins, plastic gems, small pompoms, little bows, ribbons, foam or fabric shapes, glitter glue, etc.

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.
  • Small craft materials such as buttons and sequins are choking hazards. These are not suitable for children below the age of three.


Step 1a Paper Plate Crown craft 1.

Paint a paper plate.

Paint the back of a paper plate with any water-based paint such as poster paint, tempera, or acrylic paint. Yellow, gold, or silver are traditional colors for a crown but you can go with any color you like. You can also paint it to match a theme (e.g. red for a Valentine's day crown, pink or light blue for a princess crown).
Step 1b Paper Plate Crown craft A fun idea is to paint the paper plate with lots of colors and patterns. This is a terrific idea for younger kids who love to doodle and play with colors. Allow the paint to dry. Paint the flip side of the plate if you like.
Step 2a Paper Plate Crown craft Ask for an adult's help.2.

Cut slits on the paper plate.

Fold the paper plate in half. The lines indicate where you need to cut three slits to divide the folded plate into 4 equal sections. Stop cutting each slit at least an inch from the edge of the plate.
Step 2b Paper Plate Crown craft   Open up the paper plate and make the final two cuts along the crease. Your paper plate should now be divided evenly into 8 wedges.
Step 3 Paper Plate Crown craft 3.

Fold up the wedges.

Transform the paper plate into a crown by folding up the wedges.
Step 4a Paper Plate Crown craft 4.

Decorate the crown.

Decorate your crown with glitter glue, stickers, plastic gems, sequins, buttons, felt or fabric shapes, foam or paper shapes, small pompoms, and all sorts of fun materials. Mine even has drinking straw pieces at the base!
Step 4b Paper Plate Crown craft If you painted your crown with lots of colors, you won't need to glue anything else. Just a few accents at the tips or base would do.

Attach a chin strap if the crown does not fit you well. Punch a pair of opposite holes at the base of the crown. Fasten the ends of an elastic string around the holes.

More Ideas

Gold Paper Plate Crown craft

Sparkly Crown

Make a royal crown by painting the paper plate gold or silver. Decorate the crown with lots of sparkly stuff like plastic gems, sequins, rhinestones, beads, sparkly stickers, and gold/silver ribbons. You can also draw dots, lines, and shapes with glitter glue or cut out shapes out of tinsel paper, aluminum foil, or any other metallic paper.
St. Patrick's Day Paper Plate Crown

St. Patrick's Day Crown

Create a fun crown for special occassions such as St. Patrick's day. This Irish crown was painted green and decorated with paper shamrocks and lots of green accents. To make a paper shamrock, simply cut 4 green paper hearts of roughly the same size. Glue them together at the pointed base to create a four-leafed clover.
Valentine's Day Paper Plate Crown

Valentine's Day Crown

A crown for Valentine's day is also a neat idea. Paint the paper plate red or pink. Decorate with lots of hearts and other fun accents.
Spring Paper Plate Crown

Spring Crown

You can also create a crown to celebrate spring, autumn, or your favorite season. For this spring crown, we painted the back of the paper plate pink and the front green. Fabric and foam flowers as well as paper butterflies and leaves were added to highlght the spring theme. Long strips of crepe paper were glued on one side of the crown to create a stream of colors—a perfect accent for a princess crown as well.