Paper Visor

Beat the sun by making your own stylish paper visor.
Paper Visor craft


  • A4 or Letter size paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Things to decorate your visor with: crayons,
    markers, stickers, paper cut-outs, glitter glue,
    wiggle eyes, rhinestones

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Paper visor craft 1.

Print out the template

Print out the paper visor template on Letter or A4 size paper.
Step 2 Paper visor craft 2.

Decorate the template

Use a variety of open-ended materials such as crayons, markers, colored pencils, glitter glue, stickers and colored paper to decorate the template. Take note to leave out the center section, bordered by the pair of dotted lines.
Step 2b Paper visor craft   Gluing on paper cut-outs and stickers is a great way to decorate your visor. However, the paper or stickers should not be too thick as they may cause the visor's final shape to be warped or deformed.
Step 2c Paper visor craft   You may also draw some details sprouting from the top edge of the template such as these pair of froggy eyes or perhaps a pair of small ears to make an animal-shaped visor. In case there isn't enough space for the detail you want (e.g. long bunny ears), you can always just draw them on a separate sheet of paper and later glue them onto the visor before Step 8.
Step 3 Paper visor craft Ask for an adult's help.3.

Crease along the dotted lines

Crease along the dotted lines by running the point of a pencil or an inkless pen across both lines. Make the crease as deep as you can (without puncturing the paper) by applying pressure as you run the pencil along the lines. Deeper creases will make folding much easier.
Step 4 Paper visor craft 4.

Fold up along the upper dotted line

Fold the visor up along the upper dotted line. Further crease the line by running your finger along the fold. Unfold.
Step 5 Paper visor craft Ask for an adult's help.5.

Fold down along the lower dotted line

Folding down along the lower crease is a bit tricky because the line is curved. Crease down along the curved line a section at a time until the entire crease has been folded downwards. Unfold.
Step 6 Paper visor craft 6.

Glue the middle section

With the creases created, apply glue on the visor's entire middle section bordered by the two dotted lines.

Next, fold up along the upper crease and press on the area to glue it in place.
Step 7 Paper visor craft 7.

Create the brim

Hold the visor at the middle of the folded edge. Carefully bring the curved edge of the visor towards you. This step creates the visor's brim or front part.
Step 7b Paper visor craft   Hold both ends of the visor and carefully push them towards the back to allow the visor to assume a more curved shape.
Step 8 Paper visor craft 8.

Attach a strap

Cut out a 1-inch wide strip of paper, more or less of about 15 inches long. Glue one end onto the side of the visor. To ensure a snug fit, try on the visor before gluing the other end.

Once the glue dries, wear your visor! If you want to add more decorations, check out the next section for ideas.

More Ideas

Kitty paper visor craft Heavier decorations like beads, bows or thick stickers are best added when the visor is finished. This ensures that the added decorations do not deform the visor.

In this pink visor, textured heart stickers and little bows on the sides complete a girly-girl get-up!
Frog paper visor craft To complete my froggy visor, I just added a pair of fun wiggle eyes. This craft offers a lot of possibilities for making animal hats. Gluing on a pair of paper ears and wiggle eyes, or maybe a fluffy pompom nose will do wonders for turning a plain hat into an adorable animal-shaped headwear.
Character paper visor craft Paper cut-outs can be glued onto the finished visor so that they span the brim as well as the top portion of the visor. Character-themed visors are great for parties and other themed-events.
4th of July paper visor craft Paper visors can be decorated with flag colors or team logos and worn during national celebrations, parades, or games.