Patriotic Clay Beads

Fashion star-shaped beads out of self-hardening clay or salt dough and use them to make 4th of July bracelets, necklaces, rings, keychain charms, napkin rings and more.
Patriotic Clay Beads craft


  • White self-hardening clay or
    uncolored salt dough
  • Small plastic beads or drinking straw
    cut into short pieces
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paper clip or toothpick
  • Elastic string
  • Scissors
  • Clear acrylic sealer (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Patriotic Clay Beads craft 1. Pinch off a small chunk from white self-hardening clay or uncolored salt dough.
Step 2 Patriotic Clay Beads craft 2. Use your hands to shape the clay or dough into a star. The star should be thick enough for a hole to be punched right through its side.
Step 3 Patriotic Clay Beads craft Ask for an adult's help.3. Punch a hole through the side of your star-shaped clay using a toothpick, wire or a straightened-out paper clip. The hole should be big enough for a string to pass through.
Step 4 Patriotic Clay Beads craft 4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 to make as many clay stars as you like. Allow them to set completely. Self-hardening clay usually just takes overnight to dry while salt dough may take a day or two to air-dry.
Step 5 Patriotic Clay Beads craft 5. Once dry, you can paint the star-shaped clay or dough beads with blue and red acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry completely. You can waterproof the beads afterwards by applying a coating of clear acrylic sealer.
Step 6 Patriotic Clay Beads craft 6. There are lots of 4th of July crafts you can make with these patriotic clay beads, some examples include:

Bracelets and Necklaces - Cut string to the desired length (elastic strings are great for bracelets). String the star-shaped beads alternately with smaller plastic beads or short pieces (about ½-inch long) of drinking straw.
SPatriotic Clay Bead Bracelet craft   After stringing enough beads, knot the ends of the string together to complete your bracelet or necklace.
Step 7b Patriotic Clay Bead Rings craft Rings - Make funky rings by stringing a star clay bead in the middle of each 2 ½ to 3-inch long pipe cleaner and twisting the ends of the pipe cleaner together to fit around your finger.
Step 7c Patriotic Clay Bead Keychain craft Keychain charm - String 3 star-shaped clay beads alternately with 3 plastic beads. Make a large loop with the excess length of string and knot the string right above the topmost bead.
Step 8 Patriotic Clay Beads craft   Napkin rings - Create 4th of July napkin rings by stringing 1 or 2 patriotic clay beads in the middle of a 4-inch long pipe cleaner. You can string a smaller plastic bead in between 2 patriotic clay beads, if you like. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner around a rolled napkin to hold it in place.

More Ideas

Beaded Wind Chimes craft Besides the projects suggested above, you can also use these star-shaped beads to make mobiles, wind chimes, garlands, beaded curtains and more. Think of projects that need big beads such as this Beaded Wind Chimes. By replacing the beads with our star-shaped clay beads, you can transform any big bead craft into a 4th of July project!
Dough Bead Jewelry craft These patriotic star-shaped beads craft is an offshoot of an earlier Dough Bead Jewelry craft. Visit the page to browse for more bead project ideas.