Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses

Print out, and decorate a pair of paper glasses into a wearable patriotic eyewear for the 4th of July festivities.
Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft


  • A4 or Letter size card stock
  • Red, white, and blue-colored pencils, markers, or water-based paint
  • Blue or red cellophane paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Star craft punch or star stickers/sequins
  • Glitter glue (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1a Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft 1.

Choose the shape of your eyeglasses.

Choose the shape of your eyeglasses from any of these fun-shaped templates. Print out the non-colored template on A4 or Letter size heavy cardstock.
Step 1b Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft Besides the non-colored frame, you can also choose the colored set of star-shaped Fourth of July glasses. If you chose this template, skip to Step 4.
Step 2a Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft 2.

Decorate with stars and stripes.

Decorate your chosen eyeglasses template with stars and stripes. Do one or a combination of these ideas:

a.) Draw - You can first draw stars and stripes with a pencil, then color in with markers or colored pencils.
Step 2b Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft b.) Paint - Besides painting with a brush, using Q-tips, a plastic fork, or your fingers are fun ways to make stripes. Prevent your painted paper eyeglasses from curling at the edges by adding a minimal amount of water or none at all to the paint.
Step 2c Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft c.) Stamp - Dip the length of a pencil or the edge of a piece of thick cardboard in a tray or plate of white or red paint. Press the painted edge onto the eyeglasses template to stamp on some stripes.
Step 2d Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft d.) Glue - Cut out strips of red paper and glue them onto the eyeglasses as stripes. Punch small stars out of white paper using a star craft punch. You can also use star-shaped sequins or stickers. Glue or stick the stars onto the eyeglasses frame. Cut away the areas on each star that go over the edges of the frame.
Step 3 Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft 3.

Add glitter.

If you want a sparkly pair of eyeglasses, apply red, blue, or silver glitter glue on selected sections or on the entire frame. Note that too much glitter glue can make your paper glasses curl at the edges, especially if the paper is not thick enough.
Step 4a Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft 4.

Cut out the template.

Cut out all three template pieces.
Step 4b Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft Ask for an adult's help. Cut out the eyeholes as well.
Step 5 Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft 5.

Crease the side tabs.

The front frame has a pair of side tabs, each bordered by a dashed line. Fold the side tabs towards the back. Unfold.
Step 6 Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft 6.

Glue the arms onto the front frame.

Glue the straight end of each arm (the part that extends over the ears) onto a side tab.
Step 7 Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft 7.

Add lenses.

Make the lenses out of blue or red cellophane paper. Cut a pair to a size and shape that covers each eyehole. Glue the lenses at the back of the frame.
Patriotic Paper Eyeglasses craft 8.

Wear your eyeglasses.

Once the glue dries, try on your paper eyeglasses.

More Ideas

Paper Eyeglasses craft Instead of a star spangled pattern, adding a few large foam or fabric stars as accents can work as well.
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