Paper Pilgrim Hat

This paper pilgrim hat is a fun activity for kids to make and wear on Thanksgiving.
Paper Pilgrim Hat craft


  • A4 or Letter size card stock
  • Black tempera or poster paint
  • Brown paper, ribbon, or washi tape
  • Yellow paper, craft foam or felt
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Craft knife (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 1. Go to our paper hat templates page and print out Top template 3 and Bottom template 2 on A4 or Letter size card stock.
Step 2 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 2. Cut out all four template pieces.
Step 3 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 3. Take the top template. Glue the long band onto the bottom right corner.
Step 4 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 4. Glue the shorter band onto the bottom left corner.
Step 5 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft Ask for an adult's help.5. Next, make a slit marked by the dotted line at the center of the oval-shaped bottom template. An easy way to do this without using a craft knife is to fold the template in half and cut along the line. This bottom template will be your hat's brim.
Step 6 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 6. Paint everything black except the rectangular area bordered by dotted lines on the top template. Let the paint dry.
Step 7 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 7. Accent the hat with a 1" x 9" strip of brown paper. Position the strip above the hat's unpainted section. Wrap both ends of the strip around the edges of the hat, folding the excess length towards the back.
Step 8 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 8. Glue the brown strip in place. Besides using a strip of brown paper, you can also accent the hat with a length of fabric ribbon, colored paper tape, or washi tape.
Step 9 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 9. Before gluing the hat's top and bottom (or brim) together, it's best to see if the two pieces fit well. Insert the upper portion of the top through the slit on the brim.  Ease the brim further down until the slit touches the top edge of the bands. If both pieces do not fit well, slightly widen the slit.

Step 10 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 10. Separate the hat's top and bottom. Apply glue on the unpainted section of the hat's top.
Step 11 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 11. Apply glue above the slit a the back of the brim.
Step 12 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 12. Put the hat's top and bottom together as you did in Step 9. Press on the sections with glue.

Step 13 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 13. Cut a 2-inch square from yellow paper, craft foam, or felt. Cut away a smaller square inside it. Glue this at the center of the brown strip on your hat.
Step 14 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 14. Glue the ends of bands together to fit around your head.
Step 15 Paper Pilgrim Hat craft 15. Wear your hat for Thanksgiving or as part of a pilgrim costume.