Starry Necklace

String paper stars and drinking straws to make an easy starry necklace.
Starry Necklace craft


  • Paper or craft foam stars
  • Drinking straws
  • Elastic string
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Hole punch
  • Button (optional)

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Starry Necklace craft 1. For this necklace, we need 2 sizes of paper or craft foam stars. You may use pre-cut craft foam stars or cut out your own paper/craft foam stars.

For this tutorial we are going to make our own paper stars and we will show you how to make multiple stars all at once using a star pattern. First, print out the Fold & Cut Stars (1¼- and 2-inch Stars) on different colors of cardstock.

*If you're using pre-cut stars, jump to Step 10.
Step 2 Starry Necklace craft 2. I've printed out mine on red, blue and white card stock to make a 4th of July necklace but you can always print out yours in other colors and in as many colors as you like.
Step 3 Starry Necklace craft 3. You will notice that the print-out has 4 columns of stars (2 large ones and 2 smaller ones). Cut out each of the columns.
Step 4 Starry Necklace craft 4. Take one of the columns and fold it along the horizontal line at the bottom of the star.
Step 5 Starry Necklace craft 5. Continue folding the paper accordion-style (back and forth folding) until you have folded the entire length.
Step 6 Starry Necklace craft 6. The result should be something like this. The star should be on the top fold.
Step 7 Starry Necklace craft 7. While keeping the paper folded, cut out along the outline of the star.
Step 8 Starry Necklace craft 8. Each column yields 5 for the big stars and 7 for the smaller stars.
Step 9 Starry Necklace craft 9. Fold and cut out the rest of the print-outs to come up with multi-colored stars.
Step 10 Starry Necklace craft Ask for an adult's help.10. Punch a pair of holes at the center of each big star.
Step 11 Starry Necklace craft 11. Cut out drinking straws into 1-inch long pieces.
Step 12 Starry Necklace craft 12. Cut an elastic string to a length of at least 30 inches. Make a knot about 2-3 inches from one end. Make the knot large enough to stop the drinking straw pieces or stars from slipping through. Another option for preventing the stars and drinking straws from going through the knot is to use a button. String the button all the way through until it touches the knot.
Step 13 Starry Necklace craft 13. First, string a drinking straw. Next, a star, stringing through one hole and going out the other hole.
Step 14 Starry Necklace craft 14. String the drinking straws and stars alternately until you have covered the entire length of the string.

*A 30-inch long string will need about 15 stars and 15 drinking straw pieces.
Step 15 Starry Necklace craft 15. Tie the ends of the string together, right below the button. Trim off the excess length of string.
Step 16 Starry Necklace craft 16. Position the stars so that all of them are in front while the drinking straws are at the back.
Step 17 Starry Necklace craft 17. Glue a smaller star at the center of each big star.
4th of July starry necklace 18. Once the glue dries, you may try on your starry necklace!

More Ideas

Colorful starry necklace Instead of stringing stars all along the length of the string, you can opt to string stars only at the front part of the necklace. To achieve this, first string 6 drinking straw pieces, then alternate 6 big stars with 6 drinking straws. After which, string another 6 drinking straw pieces before joining the ends of the string together.

*I used pre-cut craft foam stars for this particular necklace.
4th of July starry necklace I added a smaller third star at the center of each of these paper stars. I used a star craft punch to make the tiny stars (you can also use star sequins or rhinestones) for this 4th of July necklace.