Wizard's Hat

Create your own wizard's hat out of construction paper and dress up as your favorite wizard.
Wizard Hat craft


  • Blue, purple, gray, or brown construction paper
  • Small stars and moons (paper cut-outs, stickers, felt or fabric shapes)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Compass

Safety Tips

  • Watch out for this sign Ask for an adult's help.. It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Step 1 Wizard Hat craft Ask for an adult's help.1. Create a cone hat out of blue, purple, gray, or brown construction paper following either of these cone hat instructions:
  • Basic cone hat - constructed from a half circle, this cone hat has a broad base and is not too tall. It is perfect for a brimmed wizard hat.
  • Tall cone hat - constructed from a quarter circle, this cone hat is tall and slim. It looks great as a brimless wizard hat.
Try on your cone hat. It should fit comfortably around your head. If you are making a brimmed wizard hat, the cone's base should be a bit wider to make room for the brim.
Step 2 Wizard Hat craft 2. To make a brim for your hat, cut short fringes of equal length approximately 1 inch apart along the base of the cone.

*If you're making a brimless hat, skip all the way down to Step 12.
Step 3 Wizard Hat craft 3. Fold out the fringes.
Step 4 Wizard Hat craft 4. Measure the inside diameter of your cone.
Step 5 Wizard Hat craft 5. Mark out the measured diameter at the center of a large sheet of construction paper (same color as the cone). Mark the midpoint as well.
Step 6 Wizard Hat craft 6. With a compass anchored at the midpoint, draw a circle following the end points of the diameter.
Step 7 Wizard Hat craft 7. Next, draw a bigger circle to define the brim.
Step 8 Wizard Hat craft 8. Cut out the big circle as well as the inner circle to come up with the brim.
Step 9 Wizard Hat craft 9. Test the brim's fit on your cone. The brim should fit perfectly and lay flat against the cone's bottom fringes. You can widen the hole if necessary.
Step 10 Wizard Hat craft 10. Remove the brim and apply glue around the hole.
Step 11 Wizard Hat craft 11. Insert the brim from the top of the cone with glue side facing down. Press on the edges around the hole to glue the fringes in place.
Step 12b Wizard Hat 12. Cut out some small paper moons and stars. We have these printable moons and stars that you can print out on A4 or Letter size paper. Decorate them with glitter if you like. Allow them to dry completely before gluing them all around your wizard hat.

You can also use star stickers, felt shapes, or fabric shapes to decorate your hat.