Car Track Painting

Combine art and play by using toy cars as painting tools.
Car Track Painting craft


  • Sketch paper
  • Toy cars
  • Plates or shallow containers
  • Poster paint
  • Mat or newspapers


Step 1 Car Track Painting 1. Cover your work area with a mat or with newspapers. Prepare paint on plates or shallow containers.
Step 2 Car Track Painting 2. Lay down a piece of sketch paper at the center of your mat. Get your toy cars ready as well.
Step 3 Car Track Painting 3. Place a toy car on a plate of paint and move it back and forth so that the wheels pick up paint.
Step 4 Car Track Painting 4. Roll the car along the sketch paper. The wheels make colorful tracks on paper.
Step 5 Car Track Painting 5. Let kids play and paint with their toy cars. To avoid mixing all the colors together and ending up with mud-colored tracks, assign one toy car per color tray.
Step 6 Car Track Painting 6. As an additional activity, kids can have a "car wash". Prepare a basin or tub of water where kids can wash their cars. This is a sure hit with kids and provides them with an opportunity to help out with some clean up.