Old Chinese Scrolls

Print out our Chinese scroll painting templates and learn how to make them look authentically ancient.
Old Chinese Scrolls craft


  • Printable paper (A4 or Letter size)
  • Coffee
  • Colored pencils
  • Paint brushes

Safety Tips

  • For safety, dissolve coffee in tap water instead of hot water.


Step 1 Old Chinese Scrolls 1. Choose either of these pictures and print it out on A4 or Letter size paper:
Step 2 Old Chinese Scrolls 2. Color the picture with colored pencils.
Step 3 Old Chinese Scrolls 3. Gently crumple your picture into a ball.
Step 4 Old Chinese Scrolls 4. Carefully open up your picture. Run your hand over the picture to straighten out the paper.
Step 5 Old Chinese Scrolls 5. Measure out about a teaspoonful of coffee into a bowl or cup.
Step 6 Old Chinese Scrolls 6. Add just enough tap water to dissolve the coffee. Stir the mixture thoroughly.
Step 7 Old Chinese Scrolls 7. Test the color intensity of your coffee mixture on any piece of white paper. If you think it's too dark, add a little bit of water until you achieve a light to medium shade of brown. Once you're satisfied with the color, brush over the entire picture with the coffee mixture.
Step 8 Old Chinese Scrolls 8. When the picture dries, you'll have an authentic-looking ancient Chinese scroll painting.