Chinese Red Envelope

During the Chinese New Year, children are traditionally given money gifts placed in red envelopes. Craft your own red envelope decorated with Chinese characters for luck and happiness.
Chinese Red Envelope craft


  • Red A4 or Letter size paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • White glue
  • Gold glitter or glitter glue


Step 1 Chinese Red Envelope craft 1. Print out the red envelope template onto red A4 or Letter size paper.
Step 2 Chinese Red Envelope craft 2. Cut out the template.
Step 3 Chinese Red Envelope craft 3. Fold along the inside lines. Unfold.
Step 4 Chinese Red Envelope craft 4. With the creases in place, you are now ready to glue the flaps together to form an envelope. First, fold Flap A towards the center.
Step 5 Chinese Red Envelope craft 5. Next, apply glue along the long edge of Flap B.
Step 6 Chinese Red Envelope craft 6. Bring Flap B towards Flap A. Press on the glued edge to join the two flaps together.
Step 7 Chinese Red Envelope craft 7. Fold up Flap C and glue it in place. Leave the top flap open. This is where the money should be placed into the envelope.
Step 8 Chinese Red Envelope craft 8. Decorate the back of the envelope with Chinese characters for happiness, luck, or the zodiac animal of the year. The character "Fu", which means happiness or blessing, is a popular symbol on red envelopes.

Younger children can use gold or black crayon or markers to write. Older kids can use undiluted gold acrylic paint, tempera, glitter glue, or a combination of white glue and gold glitter. You may initially make a light pencil sketch of the symbol before using the final material for writing.
Step 9 Chinese Red Envelope craft 9. For this tutorial we used white glue to write the symbols and sprinkled over with gold glitter.
Step 10 Chinese Red Envelope craft 10. We waited overnight for the white glue to dry completely before shaking off the excess glitter.
Step 11 Chinese Red Envelope craft 11. Even if you don't celebrate Chinese New Year, making a red envelope is a great way to learn about Chinese culture. And you can also always place play money in it just for fun!