Colored Flour Paste

This flour and salt-based paste dries with a raised and sparkling appearance. It can be loaded into squeeze bottles and used as a substitute for commercial puffy paint. It is characterized by a sparkling appearance, intense colors, and dries with a gritty and somewhat brittle texture.
Colored flour paste


  • All-purpose flour
  • Fine salt
  • Water
  • Poster paint or tempera paint
  • Spoons or spatulas
  • Measuring cups
  • Mixing container (basin or bowl)

Safety Tips

  • This flour paste is not edible. If you want to make an edible version, use food coloring instead of paint.


Step 1 Colored Flour Paste 1. Combine equal parts of flour, salt, and water in a mixing container.
Step 2 Colored Flour Paste 2. Mix together until smooth and free of lumps. Adjust to your desired consistency as needed- add a bit of water if the mixture is too thick or add more flour if the mixture is too runny.
Step 3 Colored Flour Paste 3. Divide mixture into desired number of color batches.
Step 4 Colored Flour Paste 4. Add a small amount of poster paint or tempera paint into each batch.
Step 5 Colored Flour Paste 5. Mix until uniformly colored. Add more paint if you want to achieve a more intensely-colored paste.


  • Place the colored paste in covered containers and store in the refrigerator until next use. This high-salt paste will keep for months in the fridge.
  • This paste is not edible. Label it properly before storage.