Basic Color Mixing

Learn how to mix primary colors by pairs to come up with new colors, called secondary colors.
Basic color mixing


  • Paint
  • Palette
  • Paint brushes
  • Water

Safety Tips

  • Opt for water-based paints such as watercolor, tempera, and non-toxic finger paints when painting and crafting with children.


Step 1 Basic Color Mixing 1. Prepare the three primary colors red, yellow and blue on your palette.
Step 2 Basic Color Mixing 2. Combine the primary colors by pairs: red and blue; yellow and blue; and red and yellow.
Step 3 Basic Color Mixing 3. Add water as needed and mix each combination thoroughly.
Step 4 Basic Color Mixing 4. The new colors you 've made are called secondary colors. They are purple (red + blue), green (yellow + blue) and orange (red + yellow).