Colored Cotton

Colored cotton can be used as a substitute for pompoms. They're also great for making fake hair, fur, or even for creating some fluffy tree tops and bushes in your craft projects.
Colored cotton


  • Cotton
  • Food coloring
  • Spray bottle
  • Basin


Step 1 Colored Cotton 1. Fill up a spray bottle with water.
Step 2 Colored Cotton 2. Add several drops of food coloring until the solution turns into a deep hue. Cotton tends to absorb the colors slowly, so the stronger the color hue, the easier it is for the cotton to attain the desired color.
Step 3 Colored Cotton 3. Screw on the lid tightly and swirl the bottle to mix the colored solution.
Step 4 Colored Cotton 4. Loosen cotton into thin wisps and place them in a basin.
Step 5 Colored Cotton 5. Spray with the food coloring solution until the cotton is evenly colored.
Step 6 Colored Cotton 6. Let the cotton soak in the colors for 1 hour or more.
Step 7 Colored Cotton 7. Spread the colored cotton in newspapers to dry overnight.
Step 8 Colored Cotton 8. Once the colored cotton dries, it will tend to be compacted. Fluff it up again by loosening up the fibers.
Step 9a Colored Cotton 9. You can use colored cotton in a lot of your craft projects. Roll them into balls in place of pompoms.
Step 9b Colored Cotton Swaths of these colored fuzzies can be used to makehair" for characters or "fur" for animals in your art projects . They can also be turned into tree tops, grass, bushes, or clouds in a picture, collage, or diorama.