Colored Pasta

Colored pasta can be made into bright mosaics or can be used to accent and decorate all sorts of art projects. Prepare your colored pasta several hours or a day before making your intended art craft.
Coloring pasta


  • Uncooked pasta (macaroni, penne, ribbon, or any shape)
  • Food coloring
  • Plastic bags


Step 1 Colored Pasta 1. Identify how many colors of pasta you'd like to make. Divide pasta into color batches in plastic bags.
Step 2 Colored Pasta 2. Prepare your food coloring as well. Usually they can be bought in liquid form but sometimes they come in powder form. If you're using powdered food coloring, dissolve a small amount of it in water.
Step 3 Colored Pasta 3. Add several drops of food coloring into one bag.
Step 4 Colored Pasta 4. Seal the bag properly.
Step 5 Colored Pasta 5. Shake the bag until the pasta is uniform in color. You can also rub the bag with your hands. If you think the hue is not strong enough, you can add a few drops more of food coloring and shake again.
Step 6 Colored Pasta 6. Repeat the process for the remaining batches of pasta, using other colors of food coloring. Let the colored pasta absorb the pigment by leaving it inside the plastic bags for at least 30 minutes.
Step 7 Colored Pasta 7. Spread out the colored pasta on paper to dry. It may take several hours to dry completely.