Painting with Glitter

Add sparkle to your craft projects by painting with glue and glitter.
Painting with glitter


  • White glue or clear liquid glue
  • Glitter
  • Paint brush

Safety Tips

  • Glitter should be used under adult supervision for kids below the age of 8. The fine particles can irritate the eyes or be accidentally inhaled.


Step 1 Painting with Glitter 1. Draw or print out the shapes. You may or may not cut them out yet.
Step 2 Painting with Glitter 2. Apply glue inside a shape and spread.
Step 3 Painting with Glitter 3. Sprinkle or spoon on some glitter.
Step 4 Painting with Glitter 4. Spread the glitter evenly with a paint brush and allow the glue to dry.
Step 5 Painting with Glitter 5. Cut out the shapes.
Wizard Hat 6. Glue the glittery shapes onto your craft project.

More Ideas

Star painted with glitter As mentioned above, you can cut out the shapes prior to painting with glitter. Younger kids will find it easier to paint if you put tape at the back of the shapes.
Crown of Friends craft You can also paint your craft projects directly with glue and glitter. The round gems on this crown were painted with different colors of glitter. Click the photo for a closer view or see entire craft instructions at our Crown of Friends craft page.